5 Best Body Exfoliators  

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Today, we will discuss the 5 best exfoliators that can help you get rid of dead skin cells. When I say exfoliator, you may get confused because most of you may not be able to understand what exfoliators are and what it do. Well, you do not need to get confused about exfoliators, in simple terms it means body scrub. Now you got it right?! There are a variety of exfoliators available in the market, in different flavors, colors, and pleasing odors as well. Selecting exfoliators that match your skin type is very important. Moreover, the exfoliator you choose should be able to make your skin glow and smooth. Let us go through a list of the 5 best exfoliators you can use in any skin type.

The 5 Best Exfoliators

Though there are many exfoliators in the market, not every scrub satisfies your needs. When any confusion arises, you can either consult a dermatologist (which is quite a time-consuming and difficult task), or you can simply refer to this article which is easy and less time-consuming.

#1. Necessaire The Body Exfoliator – According to soulfactors.com this ideal body scrub serves a weekly multi-exfoliation purpose on the skin. It is a non-abrasive scrub with a smooth texture that gives a glowy feeling to the skin. It is a combination of bamboo charcoal and pumice that acts as a scrub, although glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids are present in the mixture to enhance the benefits of the exfoliator. It has a ph level of 5.2 – 6.2.

There are many variants available and there is a fragrance-free variant that comes in sandalwood and eucalyptus odor, which is the best choice for sensitive skin.

#2. Coco Rose – if you are looking for a natural body scrub, then Coco rose is the right choice. The use of very few ingredients and the presence of coconut oil, Shea butter, and sugar makes the product stand out from others. The sugar crystals serve the perfect level of exfoliation and the coconut oil, Shea butter ingredients help in keeping the skin hydrated. As the name suggests, it has a rose fragrance and boosts detoxification on the skin.

#3. Dove Exfoliating Body Polish – this Dove exfoliator is available in different variants based on the different ingredients used in the product. It nourishes the skin, leaves the skin smooth and soft. Dove contains ¼ moistures and gives a whipped cream-like texture. The Dove body polish gives excellent skincare with a special blend of exfoliation and nourishment. Each cream body polish is loaded with grains that provide the exact amount of ‘scrub’. Available in soft, medium, or dark color options, they complement your skin tone. There are lovely flavors to choose from, from tropical coconut to fruit pomegranate.

#4. African Botanics  –  a non-abrasive skin rejuvenation treatment designed to exfoliate, detoxify, brighten, and recreate glowing skin that’s ready to receive all the benefits of instant skincare. It is formulated with alpha, beta-hydroxy acids, super-fine black coffee beans, and crushed marula nutshell powder. The use of this exfoliator improves the skin tone, boosts cellular renewal thus helping in stimulating the epidermis, and enhances blood circulation. The product is rich in a unique African Oil Complex, which leaves the skin smooth and soft.

#5. Dermalogica Thermafoliant body scrubs – this is a clinically proven body scrub, suitable for all body types which transforms your skin into a glowy, beautiful, and gives a perfect finish. The malic acid in the exfoliator smoothens the skin by washing the dead skin cells away, meanwhile, the olive oil gives protection from radical damages. The unique ingredients like Indian Bamboo Stem, chamomile, white tea, grapefruit peel oil, and other active ingredients like olive oil, lactic acid promotes the renewal of cells naturally, injects antioxidants, gives a soothing effect, purifies the skin, gives a soothing effect, brightens skin texture.


Now you are aware of the most used and best 5 body exfoliators that help you to do the skin cleansing process at home. This can be done by doing small circular motions on the skin after applying the exfoliator along with water, just like you do your usual face wash. It is a 30sec – 1 min process that gives you radiant and glowy skin. Check out the easiest and high-quality exfoliators of your choice.

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