5 Benefits of High-Performance Clutch on Your Car

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Thinking about changing out your clutch? Whether your stock clutch is suffering from wear and tear and it’s time to replace it, or you want to bump up your car’s performance a little, there’s a lot to be gained from high-performance car clutches. Why consider these clutch kits? Here are five benefits.

  1. Less Weight: Performance car clutches are made from lightweight materials and feature designs that help reduce the assembly’s weight even further. Less weight overall aids performance, ride quality, and other factors.
  2. More Power: Performance clutch kits are designed to amplify your car’s power by transmitting more torque from the engine to the wheels. Because these clutches weigh less, the amount of energy necessary to overcome inertia is reduced. High-performance materials aid in the transfer of power, too.
  3. Better Fuel Economy: Performance car clutches are not just about power and performance. During daily driving, the lighter weight can translate to better fuel economy (the less your car weighs, the less fuel is expended moving it down the road).
  4. Better Times: If you’re interested in taking your car for runs at the track, you’ll find that a performance-oriented clutch helps you achieve better times. That comes down to a combination of less weight and better power transfer to the wheels with less motive force lost to inertia. And remember that at the track, every fraction of a second matters.
  5. Custom Ride: A less measurable but no less important reason to install a high-performance clutch is the ability to customise your car’s ride. You get a boost in performance and unique, race-inspired shifting, which sets your car apart from every stock version on the road. It’s not just about shorter throws, though. Performance car clutches require less effort with the pedal and deliver a cleaner shift, with better engagement and smoother operation overall.

Performance car clutches offer many benefits. However, it’s important to choose from high-quality clutch kits. Whether you are looking to improve by a second or two on your track times, or you just want a custom ride, the right clutch can help. If you want to browse and buy clutch kits online for any vehicle model, check out Clutch Direct.

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