5 Apps that will help you Travel the World

5 Apps that will help you Travel the World #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #traveltheworld #travelingisfun #simplifiedpackinglist #Googletrips
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Who doesn’t like to travel the world, explore new places, and try out new cuisines? We all love traveling; the whole process of booking a flight, finding a suitable hotel, and deciding on the itinerary is quite therapeutic. The excitement of visiting a new country, exploring different cultures, meeting new people, and taking pictures in front of historical places knows no bounds.

Yes, the entire travelling experience is refreshing however; some people avoid this altogether mainly because they hate the planning process. They want everything to land right on their plate without putting in extra effort, which is understandable.

For all of my lazy friends who also happen to be travel enthusiasts, I have included the five best apps that will help them travel the world efficiently and conveniently. Quickly download these apps if you are dreaming of a vacation and let them do all the planning for you.

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1. PackPoint

Figuring out what to pack and what to leave behind can be a super overwhelming task. Many individuals avoid trips because they consider the packing process quite strenuous. Well, not anymore. Thanks to the amazing app called PackPoint, you can now pack your bags easily without going through all the hassle.

The app provides you with simplified packing lists that include all the important things that you will need on your trip. All you have to do is enter all your trip details including destination, dares, activities planned, etc. and the app will quickly produce a consolidated list for you.

2. Overnight

This application comes in handy for those people who love planning last-minute trips. This app is very similar to Airbnb, so if you have used Airbnb before, then using Overnight won’t be a problem for you. You search for a suitable location where you would love to spend an entire night. The hosts then get to decide if they want to entertain you that day. This really is an incredible way to find a cozy place to stay in without strenuous planning.

3. XE Currency

Managing currency, calculating the conversion rates, and recalculating all the conversions especially while shopping or clearing the bills can prove to be super hectic especially when you are trying to have a relaxing time.

If you want to avoid the conversion rate hassle, then download this app right away. XE currency is super useful because it essentially possesses the ability to convert the currency of every single country. Offline conversion is also possible, although it shows the results based on the previous updated rate. This app will help you say goodbye to your currency woes and enable you to fully enjoy your much-needed vacation.

4. Duolingo

As the name suggests, Duolingo is an effective language learning application, which teaches you all the basics in a fun and exciting way. You’ll be surprised to know that the app is designed like a modern computer game.

We are saying this because it has three main learning levels, which you are required to clear in advance. If you are fond of learning languages and speaking the country’s native language, then download this app right away.

5. Google Trips

This app is essentially connected to your Gmail account and efficiently auto-populates booking as well as other updates. Google Trips in particular is for the casual road-tripper who wishes to stay informed.

The app lists down less crowded places for you and also helps in preparing comprehensive, easy-to-understand itineraries for you. The finest part is that many of these features can be easily saved online, removing the need for stable internet connectivity. The app is user-friendly with a very simple interface.

Final Words

Traveling is fun; it takes you out of your depressive phase and refreshes your mind and soul. We hope the five apps that we have mentioned above will enhance your overall traveling experience. Have a nice trip!

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