4 Types of Brake Systems: Which One Does Your Truck Use?

4 Types of Brake Systems: Which One Does Your Truck Use? #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #brakesytem #truck #brakesetup #transmissionbrake
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If you own a truck, then you probably enjoy driving it. Many truck drivers feel these vehicles are the best form of conveyance you can own. You may love the time you spend on the road in your truck.

It pays to know a little about the truck you drive. For instance, you should know about what kind of brakes it has. You can get new brakes and other affordable international truck parts when you need them, but before you do, we will talk about the four most common kinds of brake systems your truck might feature.

The Air Brake

The air brake system is a standard kind that you will find on many trucks and buses. You activate this system with the brake pedal.

What makes this kind of brake stand out, though, is the way surrounding air flows directly into the compressor. It uses an air filter, hence the term “air brake.” The truck uses an unloader valve to route the air into a reservoir.

The Disc Brake

If your truck has a disc brake setup, that means you’re working with a cast-iron disc. It is connected directly to the wheel hub. You will also notice this kind has a stationary housing that is known as a caliper.

This caliper attaches to the portion of the vehicle that always remains in a fixed position. You will also see that the caliper is divided into two distinct pieces. Each one has a piston. There’s also a friction pad that connects the piston and disc with small holding pins.

The Hydraulic Brake

If you have a truck with a hydraulic brake setup, that means you’ll have a braking force that’s being applied through dependable hydraulic pressure. This is one of the most common truck braking systems because it very rarely doesn’t function.

Pascal’s Law is what makes this brake setup work. The pressure frequency is produced by a liquid that is inside an isolated environment. The system allows the liquid’s pressure to distribute equally in each direction. It’s this equilibrium that makes any kind of breakdown so unlikely.

The Transmission Brake

The final kind of brake you might run into with one of the trucks you see on America’s roadways is the transmission brake system. This brake applies to stop power by impacting the truck’s transmission instead of its wheels.

The trans brake is the device that gives you stopping ability if you have this setup. When you activate it, you’re rotating the wheels, thereby gearing up the engine to the maximum throttle.

The brakes strain to stop the vehicle while the rest of the truck remains motionless. If you are trying to get the maximum speed out of the truck of which it is capable while still retaining precise stopping power, this is most likely the brake system for you.

Any of these brake systems might work well for your truck. You can ask the employees at the dealership which kind a truck as if you’re thinking about buying it.

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