4 Types Of Badge Holders And How To Choose The Right One?

4 Types Of Badge Holders And How To Choose The Right One? #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #badgeholders #fashionaccessory #choosingabadge
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Some accessories you may need for your ID cards are badge holders and lanyard neck bands. A badge holder is a convenient piece of equipment providing multiple functionalities. But ID card holders come in different varieties, each having its use. Choosing the right one for your requirement is essential, as safekeeping and identification depend solely on the badge holder. It also acts as an intelligent security feature for your organization.

Identifiable information is printed on ID cards used in schools and offices, and to safeguard that information; a solid protective case is the urgent need of the hour. An ID holder becomes essential to protect it from scratching, burning, etc.

What Is A Badge Holder, And What Are The Various Types?

A badge holder is a piece of metal, cloth, or any other material that protects your cards, like plastic, Teflon, etc. It establishes a sense of belonging to a particular organization and affirms that you are a part of it. These are available in multiple varieties and materials, each having different uses. The different types of badge holders are:

Vertical Armband

As the name suggests, this is worn around the arm of the holder. It is placed so that the ID card is visible, but the rest of the strap is mainly hidden. Employees use this type, where there is extensive use of hands in the working environment. Most of the time, these are seen in labor-intensive people like military personnel. These badges cannot be snagged as they are securely tied to the arm.

Waterproof Holder:

Waterproof or water-resistant holders are the best choice for people who work with water, like lifeguards or any other workers working in steam production or high-heat units. It protects the ID cards from water damage. You can keep other things like a license or any important documents that may need protection.

Mobile Wallet:

Mobile wallets are new-age badge holders. Usually attached with mobile phone covers, these are practical solutions for holding IDs and mobile phones. You can use these mobile covers effectively to hold all the cards necessary for your daily routine.

Neck Wallet

The neck wallets are a classic traditional style of badge holders. These are usually hung around the neck with a large holder attached to hold the IDs. The card is usually on display with these types of holders, and there is a concealed pocket behind it to hold other things, such as pens, food coupons, etc.

How To Choose The Right Type?

Choosing the right band depends on various factors. Some of them are:

Needs And Requirements

Choosing the badge holder depends on the requirements of your organization. If your organization has a magnetic keycard entry, ensure that the holder is magnetically enabled and compatible with the swipe machine.

Other needs and requirements are:

  1. Budget
  2. Customization
  3. Weather-proofing
  4. Branding And Promotion


The question that arises is how long you need the ID holder. If you need your badge holders temporarily for an event, you can opt for low-cost, simple lanyards. But choosing a quality piece is essential if you are trying to use them for a more extended period. For reliable and durable custom lanyards that can securely hold your badge holders, consider exploring the options provided by Custom Lanyard and ensure to get the perfect one that meets your needs for long-lasting use.


Another factor you need to consider is which orientation suits your needs. The cardholders usually come in two orientations- vertical and horizontal. Choosing the right one depends on what you need to store in the holders.

How Do You Want To Wear Them?

Do you want to display the badges? Do you want to hide them? For every question, there is an ID holder. If you want concealed ones, armbands can be your friends.


There are several varieties available in the market. When choosing a badge, you must look for suitability and price range. Badge holders are now becoming a fashion accessory as well, which you can add to any outfit. Thus, they are an excellent investment when it comes to both utility and accessorizing value.

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