4 Tips to Help Prepare Your Home for a New Pet

4 Tips to Help Prepare Your Home for a New Pet #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #newpet #younganimals #prepareyourhome

Bringing a new pet into your home marks one of the memorable days for the life of yourself and your pet. But how do you prepare your home to ensure that the new pet feels safe and comfortable? This article outlines some of the tips you can apply.

Pet Proof Your Home and Your Yard

Kittens and puppies, and other young animals use their mouths to learn about the environment. Therefore, you should collect anything that may be within an animal’s reach. It would help to put away potentially poisonous or dangerous things like needles, electrical cords, string, thread, pins, ribbon, foodstuffs, especially chocolate, pins, and houseplants. If you intend to allow the pet on your furniture, cover them using slipcovers or throws.

Additionally, it is also essential to fence off prohibited places such as landscaping or water gardens with poisonous plants. Moreover, since there are millions of grass plants in just one-fourth of a lawn acre, it is essential to trim them since this also enhances the yard’s beauty. It would help if you also eliminated garden ornaments or sharp objects that may cause pet injuries. You should also check whether your existing yard fence has any weak spots or openings to prevent the pet from escaping. Nowadays, fences are essential to our lives since they add privacy to our backyards, keep trespassers away, and ensure the safety of our children and pets. If you are looking for fencing ideas, we recommend starting by visiting northlandfence.com, their blog has some useful tips!

Prepare the Space Where the Pet Will Stay

Before you bring home your pet, it is essential to prepare where it will spend its most time. Besides, you should ensure that the pet feels safe and that the area is suitable for the animal you intend to adapt to. It would help if you also renovated house areas which you think may endanger the animal. Notably, termites damage about 600,000 households in the United States annually.

For instance, if you intend to adopt a dog, you should determine whether the dog will be restricted to one area or if it will be allowed to move around all the rooms. Therefore, if the dog is restricted, you should get a kennel set up prior to the pet’s adoption. Besides, since dogs have different preferences, you cannot place the kennel anywhere. Some dogs prefer areas where they can observe things, while others do not like kennels at all.

Focus on Making a Good First Impression

You should ensure that the pet feels safe and comfortable when welcoming it to your home. If pets come from a rescue, you should consider requesting their foster family or parent to accompany you as you take the animal home. Besides, some previous parents can help you pick the pet’s favorite items, such as a blanket, toys, or bedding. This helps to create an easier transition for the pet.

Another method you can use to create a good first impression is using scent. Since most animals are sensitive to smells, it is good to bring an item that belonged to the pet from the rescue or shelter. Therefore, if you want the animal to feel that your home is its new home and it is safe, consider rubbing familiar scents in areas where the pet is likely to spend most of its time. This can be very comforting to the new pet.

Begin Purchasing Pet Supplies

Shopping for pet supplies earlier is recommended since the day the pet arrives at your home can be full of excitement and stress. Approximately 38,900,000 homes own cats. So, if you intend to adopt a new cat, you should purchase the litter boxes earlier to avoid offending the animal. Furthermore, this also helps in creating a good first impression. Like human beings, animals also have feelings; therefore, shopping for supplies before bringing them to your home makes them feel welcome.

Welcoming a new pet to your home is usually an exciting experience. It creates the feeling of having a new family member. Undertaking adequate preparations helps to make the pet feel more comfortable and safe.

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