4 Tips for Pet Owners Living in LA with Their Furry Animal

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Besides being the home of celebrities, movie stars and luxurious lifestyle, Los Angeles is also one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country. In fact, the best way to experience the excitement, sunshine and natural beauty of the city is by owning a pet with which you can explore all of its wonders.

There are so many activities and places where you can hang out with your little furball that allow you to embrace the city to the fullest.

However, before you start taking advantage of the opportunities LA offers you and your pet, you should first get acquainted with the basics of what it is like to live in such a big city with a four-legged animal.

From finding a pet-friendly apartment to exploring the places where you can take your pet, here are four tips every pet owner should know about when living in LA with their furry friend.

Find a local vet

Because LA is such a big city, it is recommended that you find a local vet near the location where you live or commute to work. This way you will be able to stay on top of your pet’s well-being and ensure they are healthy and happy.

Whether it is for an annual wellness checkup or an emergency service, you can book appointments with the top-rated vets in Los Angeles near you and provide your pet with immediate care and treatment in times of need.

Also, because vet visits can be costly, make sure you obtain a pet insurance plan to cover your costs.  

Follow the law

When it comes to living in LA with a pet, there are a few laws you should be aware of.

Firstly, you are required to license your pup or kitty after the age of four months. To obtain the license, you must show proof of spay or neuter and vaccination records for rabies. Doing so will also lower the cost of your annual license fee which can be a bit higher if you decide not to sterilize your pet.

Another law you should follow as a LA pet owner is to always keep your pet on a leash unless you are in an animal park that allows off-leash exercise.  

Look for a pet-friendly apartment

Another useful tip you should know about when living in LA with your pet is to look for a pet-friendly apartment. It is crucial that you ensure you are allowed to own one inside because there are landlords who may have some restrictions about it.

For example, if you have a Pit Bull or a Doberman, then you may not be allowed to bring it into your apartment because they are considered to be aggressive breeds. Also, some communities may solely allow cats, but not dogs.

Don’t forget to ask about any pet deposit and monthly fees you may need to pay before you move in. 

Find the best locations you can take your pet to

One of the great things about living in LA with a pet is that there are so many beautiful places where you can take them for a walk.

For example, if you have a dog, you have plenty of dog-friendly parks to choose from where you can take your pooch and let them socialize with other animals and people. Some popular parks you should check out include Eagle Rock, Silverlake and Westwood dog parks.

If you are looking for something more exciting to entertain your pup, you can visit LA’s most famous pet-friendly beaches such as Granada Beach and Huntington Dog Beach. When you go, just remember to pick up after your pup and use the bins to dispose of the waste.

Final thoughts

Owning a pet is part of living LA’s luxury lifestyle. Whether you like dogs or cats, your little fur ball will be your best friend which you can take with you to explore the most beautiful places in the city.

However, in order to have the best experience doing that, it is crucial that you first get acquainted with the basic guidelines of what it is like to be living with a pet in this metropolitan city.

To make sure you are doing everything right, refer back to our post and follow the tips mentioned here so you can enjoy your stay in LA with your four-legged friend.  

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