4 Things To Do When Selling Your Motorcycle

4 Things You Should Do When Selling Your Motorcycle #motorcycle #selling a motorcycle

No matter how much motorcycle owners love riding, there will eventually come a time when they’ll have to sell their bikes. Some sellers are looking to raise money to buy new bikes, while others have decided that motorcycle riding just isn’t for them. Some are specifically looking to get rid of their old bikes just to shop new Harley-Davidson models. Either way, there are a few steps sellers can take to ensure that the sale goes smoothly and they get what their bikes are worth. Read on to find out about four things to do when selling a motorcycle. (Image Credit: Daniel Thürler/Unsplash)

1. Find a Reputable Buyer

There are a few ways to go about selling a motorcycle, ranging from just putting it at the end of the driveway with a “for sale” sign to posting ads on every classifieds website, but the best solution by far is to find a reputable buyer like American Motorcycle Trading Company. There’s no need to worry about personal safety when selling a bike to a motorcycle trading company, nor will buyers have to deal with countless low-ball offers before they find someone who is serious about purchasing the bike and paying what it’s worth. Those who plan to use the money to purchase new bikes can work with the same trading company to find the perfect new motorcycle to suit their changing needs, as well.

2. Prep the Bike

No matter how they choose to list and advertise their motorcycle sales, riders should make sure they prepare their bikes in advance. Start by giving it a thorough cleaning, and don’t stop at the usual once-over to remove road grit and grime. Clean frequently overlooked areas like beneath the seats, remove tar spots, buff out light scratches, and eliminate the rust from any visible chrome or metal parts. Once the bike is thoroughly clean, give it a coat of wax. However, if all of these will not work and bring back the original look of your motorcycle, you might need a graphic kit to level the decals and give a unique look to your bike that would easily catch the eyes of buyers.

Once the bike is thoroughly clean, give it a tune-up. The motorcycle should start up quickly and easily and should provide anyone who wants to take it for a test ride with safe riding conditions. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers an excellent checklist that covers everything from tires and wheels to fluids, electric components, and more, so use that as a template.

3. Do Some Research

Find out what other sellers are getting for similar bikes before accepting an offer. This will help to ensure that riders are getting what they deserve for their beloved motorcycles. Check local classifieds or nationwide motorcycle-specific classifieds to see what others are willing to pay. When selling customized bikes, use good judgment, and make reasonable estimates based on the accepted blue book and NADA guidelines.

4. Be Transparent with Buyers

Transparency is key when it comes to motorcycle sales. Make sure the buyer knows what condition the bike is in, and provide documentation from mechanics, when possible, to offer proof of its previous service and maintenance histories. It’s a waste of everyone’s time to overstate the value or condition of a used motorcycle, as savvy buyers will know better as soon as they inspect the bike.

The Bottom Line

Want to sell a used motorcycle? Those who want to get their money’s worth without dealing with the hassles and safety issues associated with private online sales are much better off trusting a dealer than a random stranger found on a classifieds board. As long as they do some research and put in the work to get their bikes in good shape and looking their best, riders should get a good price at a reputable dealership.

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