4 Key Features To Look For In Men’s Luxury Watches

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If you’re thinking about buying men’s luxury watches, you’re in luck as timepieces have never been more accessible, exciting, and fashionable this year. This is supported by the fact that there are now plenty of sellers or resellers whom you can conveniently get in touch with so you can choose a luxury watch that’ll suit your lifestyle and preferences.

However, since men’s luxury watches aren’t a cheap investment, you mustn’t choose the first piece to tickle your fancy. Instead, you must know some key features to look for so the timepiece you’ll select will be a staple of your whole ensemble. You’ll also rest easy knowing that you didn’t buy an expensive item that you’ll regret later on.

To help you out, here are key features to look for when shopping for affordable luxury watches:

  • Movement

What makes watches different is primarily their movement. If you’re not aware yet, there are three types of movement in watches: quartz, manual, and automatic. (1)

Quartz movement is the most common and the easiest to maintain. You can find many luxury watch brands use this in their pieces. If a watch has a quartz movement, it means that the watch is powered by a battery and quartz crystal. Additionally, the second hand on this type of watch will tick around the watch’s face every second. 

While you can usually find quartz movement in more affordable watches, many luxury watch brands such as Ralph Christian and others also have quartz movement options. However, more high-end brands use manual or automatic movements. Essentially, what makes quartz different from its counterparts is that there are no electrical circuits powering the watch. Instead, manual and automatic watches move through mechanical gears and the mainspring. (1) 

For example, a manual watch is powered by winding the crown, found on the side of the watch. On the other hand, an automatic watch is actually powered through kinetic energy, which a person generates when they swing their arm as they’re walking. (1) 

Due to their hassle-free nature, you can often find automatic luxury watches for men. But take note that if you don’t wear them for a long time, they might stop ticking, which means you’ll have to adjust the time accordingly.

  • Material

Most quality watches are made of stainless steel. Titanium or ceramic watches, for instance, are harder and better. However, they come with a hefty price stag. This is because stainless steel is neither affected by perspiration nor moisture unlike normal steel. Thus, experiencing skin irritation isn’t an issue when wearing a stainless-steel watch. 

Additionally, a watch with physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating is critical to ensure that it preserves the watch’s color. Many watchmakers also use ion plating (IP), which is a type of PVD coating, to coat their watches. IP plating comes in many colors and adds a protective layer to the watches. To check if the luxury watches you’re eyeing have PVD or IP coating, look at the back of the watch. The back usually displays what materials the watchmaker uses. (2)

If the back of the watch doesn’t display the type of coating or is stainless steel, you can always ask the seller. The watch’s weight is also a sign of its quality. The weight should be a solid indicator of the type of steel and the movement used.

  • Longevity

If a person maintains a luxury watch well enough, it can last for several decades or even longer. Do note that the older your watch becomes, the rarer it gets, which means that its value will increase. An example of this is Eric Clapton’s watch, which was bought in an auction for USD$3.6 million. Thus, if you invest in a watch that stands the test of time, not only will you be getting your money’s worth, but it’ll also serve as a great heirloom or memento. Just make sure to choose from trusted brands or the must-have men’s luxury watches. (3)

  • Beautiful finish

Lastly, men’s luxury watches will always have a nice finish, in addition to the ones mentioned above. A nice finish and luxurious comfort make high-end watches different from standard wristwatches. This means that the fine details of the watch form together to make an attractive whole. So if you notice any unusual bumps, poor workmanship, or even a loose index, that particular watch doesn’t have a beautiful finish. 


As you can see, choosing a men’s watch isn’t as simple as choosing the one that suits your style and taste. But in addition to your budget, you also have to consider the features mentioned above. By doing so, you can rest assured that you don’t only have a watch that’ll compliment your lifestyle, but you’ll also have one that’ll serve as an heirloom, making it a worthy investment.


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