4 Items You Can Feel Good About Investing In

4 Items You Can Feel Good About Investing In #articles #bevhillsmag #cars #money #rich
4 Items You Can Feel Good About Investing In #articles #bevhillsmag #cars #money #rich

The cheaper, the better—except for when it’s not. The rich become rich by knowing how to manage their money, which a lot of the time relies on frugal spending. We need to keep our luxurious tastes and celebrity-style vacations in check if we want to avoid going into debt and wasting money on frivolous purchases.

That means that we have to talk ourselves out of impulse buys and say no to cushion cut diamonds if we’d feel guilty about the purchase price… but what about items you can splurge on and feel good for investing in? That’s right, pull out the plastic and prepare to start shopping. These five items will give you a reason to slide your card with dollar signs in your eyes!

1. A Clean Car

In Beverly Hills, the car you drive is a symbol of status—and a Tesla screams “top class”. We love the Tesla Model 3 best because it boasts a 5-Star Overall Safety Rating and the interior is unlike any other car. The 15-inch touch screen is designed to intuitively improve your experience over time and your smartphone can be used as your car key! Its performance is totally up to par with your standard lineup of exotic vehicles with an acceleration of 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, lowered suspension, and a carbon fiber spoiler that makes handling feel effortless. But even better, this electric vehicle is extremely environmentally friendly and helps you reduce your carbon footprint—meaning you can look as good as you feel when driving around in this speedy investment!

2. An Investment in Your Health

If there’s ever an excuse to spend money, it should be an investment into your health. Instead of wasting dollars on aura imaging, Ayurvedic medicine, and alternative holistic treatments, apply those funds to exercise equipment with proven health benefits.

If working out sounds more like a chore than a privilege, pick out a piece of equipment that makes exercise fun! A Peloton indoor bike brings your cycling studio right to your home, on your schedules, with thousands of rides to choose between spanning a diverse variety of instructors, styles, and rides.

Not a fan of cycling? Then go for an Endless Pools Fitness System instead! This is totally the solution to anyone who wants a swimming pool in their backyard, but couldn’t justify the splurge. Endless Pools allow you to step up to aquatic fitness and luxury!

4 Items You Can Feel Good About Investing In #articles #bevhillsmag #cars #money #rich

3. Green Groceries

Let’s face it, with a million and one things to do, finding time to shop for groceries and prepare fresh, wholesome meals can seem like a challenge, to say the least. Instead of hiring help in the kitchen, use a subscription service for organic meal kit delivery! Sun Basket is our favorite feel-good company that you can feel proud to give your business to. Why? They’re one of the only organic meal delivery services and they source their meat and seafood from sustainable farms and fisherman. Added bonus: Their packaging is 100% compostable and recyclable! It might cost a bit more than the price per standard serving, but they have Vegetarian, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Lean & Clean, and Family plans to choose from, which makes maintaining a wholesome diet that much easier. To accompany your meals, why not get yourself some coffee with this list of starbucks near me to your convenience too?

4. Proven Productivity

Whether you’re a house Mom or an aspiring entrepreneur, no one can dispute your need to set up a home office. It’s been proven that a clear, clutter-less space designated for concentrated work makes productivity levels skyrocket. Spend a little more on a long lasting laptop packed with features that will improve your workflow, intuitively respond to your interactions, and helps you accomplish more in less time.

Pro tip: If you want to get down to business in your home office and want to power through to-do lists guzzling coffee in hand, your comfort will be top priority. Don’t stop working just because your back feels sore from sitting! Purchase a standing desk that will keep you comfortable and keep your spinal health in check.

Spending money just for the sake of spending money is silly. But if you’re feeling the urge for a big buy, direct your sights to one of these big-ticket items that you can feel good about investing in!

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