3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

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There are a few things that you need to keep in mind to make a wedding memorable. First, the ceremony should be held in a very beautiful venue, preferably somewhere with breathtaking views. Choosing an outdoor location allows your guests to admire the view. The food served at the wedding reception is also a significant part of this, hence ensure that the menu is unique so the guests will remember the reception for a long time. 

In addition to that, here are other ways to make your wedding Memorable: 

  • Choose The Best Flowers To Create A Stunning Bouquet

When choosing a stunning wedding bouquet, there are a few things that you need to consider. It’s important to consider the compatibility with the traditions, the harmony of the brides’ personalities, and the wedding budget.

In the United States, most brides favor red roses for their bridal bouquets. Red roses are popular with brides because of their deep red color. Other flowers used for a traditional bridal bouquet are geraniums, orchids, lilies, and carnations. Some brides will also opt to use yellow roses or daisies. 

The flower bouquets that are usually used in a wedding are mostly made of fresh flowers. But exotic flowers are also sometimes used and will make your wedding unique and memorable. Examples of these flowers are irises, orchids, and hibiscus flowers. 

Although exotic flowers aren’t often used as wedding bouquets, you can always add them to an existing bouquet. This way, the floral arrangement would match the wedding colors. You can check out The Bouqs Co. wedding flowers to see different exotic flowers that you can use for your wedding.  

  • Make The Reception More Entertaining With Music

Wedding music and entertainment for a formal wedding should be one of the highlights of your special day. Thankfully, there are several sources from which you can choose your music and entertainment for your wedding day. 

If you want something that’ll get everyone’s attention, you need to consider hiring professional wedding entertainers for your wedding day. Music can also be performed live or recorded beforehand.  

To provide guests a good entertainment for your wedding, you should also plan for dancing after the reception. Dancing with your partner is one of the best ways to bond.  

It would be a waste of money to provide dancing for your wedding reception if it’s not accompanied by music. You can hire a wedding DJ who’ll play music to dance to at your reception. 

  • Share Your Delicious Wedding Cake To Your Guests

Creating an unforgettable wedding cake means you need to ensure that it tastes good and is also decorated in multiple tiers. Wedding cake tiers are usually made of different materials, like cake toppers, layers, and decorations. You can even add more sweets to delight your guests.  

Most weddings have between four and five tiers, with the most popular number of tiers being four. The tiers’ size, shape, and decorations will depend on your budget and your guest list.  

To make the most out of your wedding cake, you need to share it with your guests. You need to choose the best flavor for your wedding cake to impress people at your wedding. 

Here’s the most common wedding cake flavor you can choose from:  

  • Vanilla-Cheese Cake: This delicious cake features an almond base with a white and creamy cheese frosting on top. The vanilla-cheese cake comes in many flavors, including raspberry, maple cream, caramel apple, and brie.  
  • Vanilla-Cream Cheese Frosting: This cake is available in many different flavors, including raspberry, lemon, mint, and blueberry. You can even find an extra flavored cream cheese frosting if you want to!  
  • Chocolate Caramel: For the chocolate lover, there’s nothing like chocolate on a hot summer day! If you’re a chocolate lover, then this cake is the best one for you. This cake features a big chocolate layer cake with a delicious buttercream frosting and an extra sweet caramel sauce. 


The key to making your wedding memorable is to plan things well in advance. To save you time and provide convenience, you can choose to hire a wedding planner if needed. A good planner can help you organize everything and may help you save some money on your wedding day. 

If you follow these simple tips, you can have an unforgettable wedding. To have a memorable event, make a statement on your flowers and wedding cake. Also, don’t forget to ensure that everyone is having fun during your special day, which can be done by providing good music and entertainment.

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