3 Tips for Dressing up With Sneakers in Style

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Are you also on the no more high heels train? Like many women, you may have decided that the uncomfortable shoe is just not for you anymore.

However, this leaves a bit of a gap in the average wardrobe. How can you dress up without wearing the classic heel?

You might think of sneakers as your comfortable everyday shoes that don’t really look like they would work for your office desk job or the dress code at the restaurant you love. However, dressing up with sneakers is actually a pretty common thing that can amplify your personal style but also the variety in your outfits.

If you’re curious about dressing up with sneakers, keep reading as we give you our top 5 tips.

  1. Midi Dress

You might own a casual midi dress that pairs well with sneakers, but even your dressier versions of this popular dress length will look good with the average pair of sneakers.

Adding some nicer jewelry, a sleek hairstyle, and a statement bag to the look will make it look complete. This is something that you would be able to wear to work or on a date with ease.

Don’t forget the perfume! That can really tie a look together since our senses are all connected to experiences. Consider getting the Perfume Price Issey Miyake if you don’t already have a favorite.

  1. Leather Pants

Leather (or pleather) pants are not for everyone. However, if these fall in your style realm, you may feel like you have to wear equally bold shoes to make the outfit complete. This is not the case!

In fact, wearing too many statement pieces can actually make an outfit fall a little flat. You may end up looking like you’re doing too much and the eye won’t know where to look.

Instead, you can use the black leather pants as a focal point of your outfit while wearing your casual and formal sneakers as a complement to the pants. Consider looking at sneakers that are a color that goes with the “vibe” of the pants, like a bright white or gold, to accentuate the look.

  1. Vintage Maxi Dress

A vintage maxi dress is an easy statement piece to dress up or down. As such, it’s perfect to pair with sneakers because it will generally hide a bit of the shoe, but also can showcase it when you’re sitting down.

Depending on the color of your maxi dress, you want to go with a shoe that really complements the shade and hue. You can also choose to wear neutral shoes, like a black or white sneaker, to go with almost any dress you own.

Paired with jewelry and accessories that fit your overall look, this is an easy way to dress up for a social event.

Dressing up With Sneakers Is Easy

No matter what type of sneakers you own, you can make them look dressy with the right preparation and planning. Dressing up with sneakers is about confidence and personal style.

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