3 Animals That Can Ruin Your Garden

3 Animals That Can Ruin Your #Garden
3 Animals That Can Ruin Your #Garden

It can take a long time for you to create the garden of your dreams. It might be just a weekend of hard work, or a season or two for things to settle and come into full bloom – or it can be years before all your plants and trees mature and give you the look that you’ve always dreamed. (Image Credit: JamesDeMers/Pixabay )

So how would you feel if you woke up one morning after mowing your lawn to perfection only to find all of that had been ruined by an uninvited guest in your garden? Unfortunately, that’s what some of us have to deal with, and it isn’t an easy problem to solve. The most likely cause of such instances can be pest infestation. Although you might think of small rodents such as mice and rats, there are other creatures that can wreak havoc with your lawn. These are just some of the animals that might ruin your horticultural hard work.


Controlling moles in your garden is necessary because they can create unsightly holes in your lawn. They can also harm the root systems of any plants you’ve got in your garden as well.

Although moles are active all year round, you’re most likely to see them during the spring and fall, especially after rainfall, when they push mounds of dirt up to the surface. Moles create two different tunnel types: the runway just beneath the surface are feeding tunnels, and can be seen by raised edges running across your lawn. The other runs deeper, and lets the mole connect the feeding tunnels; it’s the soil from digging these tunnels that you’ll find as mounds on your lawn.

Moles may not be the only animals responsible for runways, and control methods for one pest may be different for another. Positive identification is essential; click here to see how a pest control expert can help with this problem.


These animals are among the most damaging of garden rodents, but among the least talked about. They can overrun your garden in a short space of time and can chew through bulbs, plant roots, seedlings and stems. Voles can also multiply at a fast rate.

Vole control in your garden can begin by having a clear garden. They can set up home in areas with a heavy underbrush, as well as those with weeds. Check that you cut back any overgrown places in your garden, not only will this discourage them from living there, but any you do have will be more vulnerable to predators.


Gophers are highly destructive. They will spend most of their time underground, but they will leave visible damage.

Although gophers hide a lot, they eat plants – so they won’t be interested in you or your pets for food. They do transmit diseases (e.g. rabies) and parasites (e.g. ticks), so you won’t really want them to stay. Their tunnels will destroy your landscaping efforts, and any gophers you have will chew anything in their way, including lawn irrigation systems and electrical cables.

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