12 Common Fashion Mistakes of Pregnant Women

12 Common Fashion Mistakes of Pregnant Women #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #fashionmistakes #buyingmaternitywear #maternityfootwear #maternityclothes
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Maternity fashion has notably evolved through the years, providing expecting mothers with better clothing options. If you’re looking for style inspirations for dressing your baby bump, here are 12 fashion mistakes that pregnant women should avoid when doing maternity clothes shopping.

Not knowing your size

Pregnant women gain weight differently, so not knowing your size can cause you to make poor clothing choices. Never make assumptions about the amount of weight gain you’ll be accumulating, and select pieces you can wear comfortably throughout your pregnancy. Find maternity clothes that can easily stretch with your growing body without compromising their quality.

Shopping too early or too late

While it’s tempting to purchase maternity clothes early on, doing so will only cause you to spend more than necessary. Similarly, waiting until all your clothes are uncomfortable to wear before changing your wardrobe is inefficient and impractical. In addition, avoid buying all of your maternity clothing at once. Pregnancy will transform your body in numerous ways, so the maternity clothes you wear during the first trimester may no longer be relevant after a few months. Purchase a few pieces at the start of your pregnancy, then buy the rest later on.

Not setting a budget

Even if you have money to spend, it is still critical that you set a realistic budget early on. Remember that childbirth and parenthood can be expensive, so buying everything new or branded maternity wear is not ideal. With all the clothing options available, finding everyday maternity clothing or even modest maternity dresses for special occasions is no longer difficult compared to previous years. If you want to stretch your budget further, ask loved ones who recently gave birth if you can borrow some of their unused maternity clothes.

Choosing fashion over comfort

While buying fancy or trending maternity wear is perfectly normal, never compromise comfort to look fashionable. Always consider what your pregnant body needs and avoid purchasing clothes that you can only wear once or that are too complicated to put on. For instance, wearing a jumpsuit that is difficult to remove without assistance will only cause inconvenience, especially when you need to go to the bathroom. Remember to take into account your location and current season. If you live in a cold climate, dressing in layers is recommended but be mindful of your body temperature as pregnant women tend to feel warmer due to the increased blood volume.

Disregarding the fabric

Another fashion mistake pregnant women commit is buying maternity wear made from synthetic fabrics. As mentioned, expecting mothers tend to feel warmer, so make sure to choose clothes made from breathable materials such as bamboo, cotton, and modal. These fabrics can help regulate body temperature, significantly reduce itchiness, and support your growing body properly.

Not investing in the essentials

While being economical is ideal when pregnant, it is also vital that you invest in essential maternity clothing items such as maternity leggings, tops, jeans, dresses, and undergarments. Since these pieces will be your closet staples, you must dedicate most of your maternity wardrobe budget to these items. When shopping for maternity wear, always prioritize quality over quantity.

Buying oversized or baggy maternity clothes

Some pregnant mothers tend to buy loose clothing, expecting that all oversized clothes are comfortable to wear. Avoid buying unflattering maternity pieces that are too big, even if you’re on a tight budget. You shouldn’t also resort to wearing your partner’s or husband’s clothes to save yourself from the hassle of maternity clothes shopping.

Not wearing proper undergarments

As your body expands, expect that you’ll outgrow your regular underwear and bra, so investing in good maternity undergarments is vital. Do your research and find a reputable brand that offers high-quality items. If you plan to breastfeed, it would be best to invest in nursing bras but wait until you’re in your second or third trimester to ensure that they fit you well. Remember to keep your regular undergarments, as you’ll most likely need them once you start shedding off your pregnancy weight.

Choosing inflexible maternity wear

Since maternity wear can be expensive, buying versatile clothes you can wear throughout pregnancy is advisable. Nowadays, there are many stylish and affordable breastfeeding-friendly maternity clothing you can choose from, so make sure to plan ahead. You should also consider what you’ll wear postpartum since your body will take some time to return to its pre-pregnancy shape.

Dressing like a different person

While you may need to adjust certain style factors, you don’t need to sacrifice your fashion needs and preferences while pregnant. For instance, if you prefer clothes with minimal to zero patterns, there are plenty of simple and sustainable maternity tops and dresses you can wear. Or, if you’re fond of wearing jeans, invest in a couple of pairs with expandable waistbands. Avoid giving yourself a fashion makeover while pregnant, and find maternity pieces that reflect your personality.

Not accessorizing wisely

Accessories can make a significant difference in your overall pregnancy look. Find pieces that you can wear without the hassle. While wearing jewelry is relatively safe during pregnancy, make sure that it won’t cause skin irritations. If you have a belly piercing, it would be best to remove them early on to prevent complications to your expanding baby bump. Be mindful of your rings, as they may no longer fit since your hands are prone to swelling, especially during the latter part of your pregnancy.

Wearing ill-fitting or uncomfortable footwear

Pregnancy can cause your center of gravity to change, so wearing proper footwear is essential. No matter how skilled or comfortable you are with heels, it is not advisable to wear them during pregnancy as your feet will most likely swell up and may even grow a few sizes. Choose maternity footwear that can give your feet the necessary support during this challenging yet wonderful period.

Finding the right maternity clothes need not be difficult. Take note of these common fashion mistakes, and remember to enjoy your pregnancy.

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