10 Tips to Pass the National Academy of Sports Medicine Exam

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The National Academy of Sports Medicine Exam can put you on the fast track to a successful career as a personal trainer and beyond. 

The NASM exam is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies and is one of the most widely recognized certifications in a competitive industry.

Did we mention the NASM exam is also notoriously tough? Don’t expect this test to be a walk in the park, even if you’ve got experience in the gym and library. Many capable guys and girls have been humbled by the NASM test, which is why you must prepare with extra effort!

Working smart matters too, so we’re giving you 10 tips and tricks to pass the NASM with high marks. Let’s begin.

1. Have a Goal in Mind

Whether it’s the NASM exam or any other goal in life, you need to muster up the motivation and willpower to succeed. This means setting a clear, ambitious, yet attainable objective that will keep you engaged and eager to study each day.

Maybe you want to be the next great Hollywood personal trainer to the stars, or you want to run a hardcore bodybuilding gym for Mr. Olympia contenders. Pick a goal and stick to it.

2. Know the Exam Content Domains

In the NASM, you’ll be dealing with more than muscles and cardio routines. The test covers everything from exercise technique and program design to professional development, applied sciences, client relations, and lots of assessment protocols. 

These content domains are varied, in-depth, and more involved than you may anticipate. 

Start by learning what each of these domains entails and do a brief overview of each, so you aren’t going in blind. 

3. Fortify Your Weak Points

There is bound to be an exam topic that fills you with dread when flipping through the contents. 

Instead of avoiding the inevitable, turn that weak point into a primary focus during your study sessions so that you conquer the fear.

This will work wonders for your self-esteem on test day, and teach an important lesson about your own capabilities.

4. Double Down On Your Strengths

On the flip side, don’t get overconfident in areas you think you’ve already mastered. 

The NASM exam is extremely detailed, and challenging questions are hidden within the seemingly simple subject matter. 

Instead of breezing through the “easy stuff” when studying, remember to give it 100% effort no matter what.

5. Get a Trusted Study Guide

The free materials on the organization’s website offer a decent overview of what to expect.

But to give yourself the best chance of passing this difficult exam, you’ll need a dedicated NASM study guide with a structured, proven methodology.

The best study guides are packed to the brim with useful materials from experts in the field, and instruct you on how to study rather than just feeding you information.

Find the guide that fits your learning style, and you’ll be unstoppable.

6. Map Out a Schedule

Flipping through the course materials here and there isn’t going to cut it for the medicine exam. You’ll need to carve out study time for several hours a week, with more hours dedicated in the weeks leading up to the test.

Plan to spend at least three months studying for the National Academy of Sports Medicine Exam(NASM) with a reasonably light schedule. Many students compact their efforts to six weeks or less, depending on their goals.

7. Switch Up Your Study Methods

Sitting in front of a screen with a glazed-over expression isn’t great for memory retention. Try using paper-based materials to study, and switch between formats from text to images and video.

There’s even audio content to keep things fresh and interesting, and proper pronunciation of medical terms always helps. 

8. Take Practice Tests Regularly

A practice test should be treated like the real thing! Just you, the test, and absolutely no cheating. 

This will help you get in the right mental zone for the test when the big day rolls around. 

9. Apply Your Knowledge Daily

The content of the National Academy of Sports Medicine Exam is meant to apply to the gym and your interactions with others in business and beyond. 

Incorporate the lessons you learn from studying into your everyday life, and watch the concepts come together in a more logical way. By the time you receive your PT certification, you’ll already have the field experience to launch your career. 

10. Prepare in Every Way for Test Day

Lock in your habits and lifestyle in the weeks and days leading up to the test. Avoid personal distractions and make sure your sleep and diet are on point. 

This will help ensure you perform at your peak when the exam bell rings, and nothing will get in your way. 

Pass the NASM Exam (The First Time)

Not everyone passes the NASM exam on the first go, but you can be of those winners by taking these tips to heart. 

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