10 Reasons to Make Huntsville Your Permanent Place of Residence

10 Reasons to Make Huntsville Your Permanent Place of Residence #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #outdooradventures #huntsvilleinalabama

Famously known as the “Rocket City”, your living standards and career opportunities could soar to new heights if you decide to make Huntsville in Alabama the place you call home.

It is already home to some of the brightest minds in aerospace and technology, and you could be a part of its amazing vibe, even if your career is focused in a different direction to aerospace and defense.

If you search new homes in Huntsville AL, you will quickly discover why all sorts of professional people and aspirational families decide to settle here. Here is a look at some of the big reasons why so many have already come to Huntsville and why you should think about joining them.

It ticks so many boxes

It should come as no surprise that Huntsville wins accolades as being one of the best places to live in the US. A powerful combination of great job opportunities, low cost of living, and excellent recreational and leisure facilities have helped Huntsville gain the recognition it deserves.

Affordability is a key reason to consider Huntsville

Huntsville compares favorably to other locations when looking at cost of living comparisons.

From house prices, to salaries, and general living expenses, almost every aspect of living in Huntsville points to a good level of affordability.

It is at the heart of NASA’s space program

Even if your work does not connect you with the aerospace industry it is still a great feeling to be living in an area that takes pride in being such a prominent place in Nasa’s plans.

You will be proud to say you live in Rocket City.

Take advantage of the legacy of space exploration

Another key point to remember is that because Huntsville is such an integral part of space exploration it has attracted many businesses to invest in the area. This means you get to enjoy lots of great leisure and arts facilities, plus plenty of excellent sports facilities.

Enjoy the great outdoors

You will be able to spend some quality leisure time exploring the surrounding area. Huntsville is perfectly positioned at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains to offer loads of outdoor adventures and activities.

Great employment opportunities

As Huntsville is renowned for being an aerospace and defense hub, it has meant that lots of top companies and government bodies have locations in the area.

This provides excellent job opportunities and a chance to explore new career avenues.

A future-proof career path

In addition to a plethora of general employment opportunities, Huntsville is also regarded as a hi-tech hotspot.

With facilities such as the Cummings Research Park, which is the second-largest research park in the US, there are amazing employment paths to pursue in industries such as biotechnology.

Top educational facilities

Huntsville also has an enviable reputation as being home to smart people with excellent academic credentials. That is all made possible with the help of top schools and universities in the area.

A good education and a higher-than-average salary tends to be the reward for someone who chooses Huntsville for their education.

The local economy is strong

It is not surprising that Huntsville is rated as having a very strong economy when you consider all the investment and overall economic achievements it has managed over the years.

This sort of performance often equates to strong salary growth and plentiful job opportunities.

A real chance to grow your career

As well as offering attractive and affordable housing, Huntsville is rated as one of the best places to take your career to the next level.

All things considered, you can plainly see that Huntsville offers the perfect combination of stylish and affordable living combined with excellent educational and career opportunities.

Come and see for yourself why Huntsville is such a magnetic attraction.

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