10 Easy Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

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Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design. Good lighting not only accentuates unique features, but also transforms the ambiance of your home. Whether you’re looking to add more comfort or drama to a room, introducing different styles of lighting is the easiest way to create the perfect atmosphere and brighten up your home.

Is your home lacking light? In this post, we’re sharing some ways to illuminate your interiors to create a brighter space.

Pick Neutral Hues

Neutral hues tend to work better when it comes to making a room appear lighter and bigger. Whites, greys, and taupes are the go-to choices for minimalist interiors. Sticking to a neutral palette also gives you a blank canvas to work with. You can then add a wood shelf or a colorful piece of artwork to add in some personality. If you find a neutral colour scheme too boring, you can go for something like sage green or pastel blue.

Accessorise with Mirrors

Ornamental mirrors are not only a chic addition to your home, but they are also a reliable accessory to bring in more light. Strategically placed mirrors can be used to reflect natural light into a dark area.

Instead of splurging on designer mirrors, we suggest taking on a DIY project. ‘TikTok’ and ‘Instagram’ Reels have plenty of tutorials for making your own funky mirrors on a budget.

Go for a Glossy Finish

The goal is to maximize reflective surfaces in your interiors that will bounce off light. That’s why it’s better to pick a glossy finish for flooring and wall paint. Adding a glossy finish to your hardwood floor will make it visually appealing as well as add a protective layer.

Add Tall Lamps

Dark corners make a room look closed off, especially if there isn’t enough natural light. If the room doesn’t have windows, it doesn’t mean you can’t play with artificial light. Placing one or two tall lamps in the corners is a great way to improve the lighting and gives an illusion of a higher ceiling.

Adding more lighting fixtures will likely increase your electricity bills. It would be best to switch to a competitively priced plan from one of the best energy providers in your area.

Light up Unexpected Areas

You don’t necessarily have to install overly bright ceiling lights or expensive hanging fixtures for an atmospheric space. You can easily purchase LED light strips and use them for under-the-cabinet lighting in the kitchen and bathroom.

Get more Shiny or Transparent Surfaces

Coffee tables, shelves, and other furniture pieces with metallic finishes also do a great job of reflecting light into a room; however, too many bulky pieces of furniture may make a room feel stuffy. We suggest mixing transparent acrylic furniture with other materials.

Hang up Vibrant Art

All neutral interiors can be lackluster. You can brighten up your home by adding interest to your interiors without sacrificing any brightness with vibrant art. Art pieces jazz up plain walls and create a focal point in any room. You can find affordable prints online or explore flea markets.

Mindfully Arrange Furniture

You’re doing your interiors a great disservice by blocking off large windows with furniture. It’s possible that all you need to do is rearrange your furniture to get more natural light. Angle your furniture towards and around instead of against windows.

Deep Clean Windows

Dirty windows are not only an eyesore, but they also prevent sunlight from entering your home. Give your windows a deep clean on a regular basis.

Replace Heavy Drapes

Something as simple as replacing heavy drapes with delicate curtains can improve your home’s lighting.

In addition to infusing exuberance into your interior, good lighting brighten up your home and impacts your mood and overall well-being. Hopefully, the tips help you transform dull interiors into a lively space.

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