Oskar and Friends Pet Carriers & Tote Bags

Oskar & Frends Pet Totes erlyhillsmagazine #dogfood #dogownership #petcarriers #dogbags
Oskar & Frends Pet Totes erlyhillsmagazine #dogfood #dogownership #petcarriers #dogbags

Stylish and minimalist, this pet carrier can be worn like a backpack or rolled up to fit into a luggage sleeve. It’s a great choice for air travel or city adventures with your pint-sized pup.

Its larger-than-average zipper section makes it easy to load pets of all sizes. It can be closed all the way for pets prone to making a break for it or left open halfway for a more spacious feel.


If you’re looking for a stylish and convenient everyday bag for local exploration with your dog, try the Petsfit Small Dog Carrier Purse. It’s small enough to fit in most cars and comes with a bag-to-harness tether and convenient zippered pockets for travel cargo. The carrier also allows pets to stick their heads out for fresh air and interaction with their owners.

Another option is the Petsfit Expandable Carrier. It has an accordion-style mesh window that unzips to create a screened-in porch for your pet. It can be zippered shut for nervous flights or left open halfway so your pet can stretch out and take in the sights.

A few of our experts have tried this backpack-style carrier from K9 Sport Sack, which has a padded base and lumbar support strap to evenly distribute weight across both shoulders. They’ve found it to be less tiring for their dogs than tote-style carriers. It’s even monogramable for a personal touch.

Oskar & Frends Pet Totes erlyhillsmagazine #dogfood #dogownership #petcarriers #dogbags

Good To Know

The minimalist-yet-playful accessories from this company have made a name for themselves among millennial and zoomer pet parents. This tote-style carrier can be used as a pet carrier, backpack, and suitcase. The side panel folds down for small pups to see the world and short handles make it easy to carry on and off flights.

The back locks into the seat with custom clips, and this model also features three interior access points and storage pockets. It’s been crash-tested and garnered a five-star rating. GH tester Jamie (she/her) says it’s perfect for strolling along the sandy beaches of Sicily or grabbing espresso on a piazza in Venice.

Though it doesn’t have the same “boat-tote” vibe as our top pick, this bag is stylish and practical. It fits dogs up to 30 pounds and can be worn as a backpack, rolled like a suitcase, or used as a crate for in-town travel. It’s also machine washable and has a padded base for comfort and a collar attachment to keep your pup in place. Plus, every purchase helps cover the medical and transport costs for rescue dogs in Brooklyn.


While many of  these top-rated pet carriers are made with premium materials and pet-friendly features, they all fall within a reasonable price range. This is especially true of the Wild One tote, which has made a name for itself as a stylish-yet-practical accessory for millennial pets and their parents who love to travel. Its durable frame is crash-tested and meets most airlines’ carry-on specifications. The front and side windows allow your pet to peek out and explore, while a mat inside keeps them comfy during transit.

Client Miyamoto says she loves this tote because it has a New England vibe, is well-made (it’s stain-resistant and easy to spot-clean), and comes in 13 colors. It’s also available with a monogram, which is great for making sure your dog carrier looks extra-special. This model has plenty of room for pups up to 20 pounds, and it includes extra pockets for snacks and travel supplies. It also has a d-ring for attaching your dog’s leash and safety harness.

Oskar & Frends Pet Totes erlyhillsmagazine #dogfood #dogownership #petcarriers #dogbags

Final Thoughts

If you’re an avid traveler, a tote with airline-approved latches that meet Federal Aviation Administration regulations may be a priority (although always check with the airlines to be sure). You also might want it to have plenty of internal space for your dog—and a comfy base mat—and perhaps external pockets to stash snacks and toys.

Aesthetically, it’s important that your pet carrier looks sleek and stylish enough to carry around town. Mindy Montney, the owner of a style-focused dog-gear shop located in a tunnel of the Columbus Circle subway station, notes that these types of classic canvas tote bags are what most dog owners use to carry their small dogs on the go.

She recommends checking out the options from Wagwear and Love Thy Beast, which offer a variety of tote styles. Both feature “a super-soft, less structured version of a traditional dog carrier” that’s easy to clean and rolls down into a small bed.

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