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5 Must-Have Fashion Accessories for 2019

Everyone likes to feel fashionable. We all know that clothes and shoes can make you feel trendy and beautiful, but what about accessories? What you accent your clothes with can truly make or break your outfit. Just ask contestants on Project Runway. They are always scrambling to find the perfect shoes and jewellery to complement their amazing designs.

So how can you start off the year on the right fashion foot? By choosing trendy accessories, of course! Buy your adorable sweaters and chic dresses, but while you are out doing that, consider buying some trendy accessories to pull it all together. Here are some up and coming trends for 2019 accessories.

  1. Fashion & Function – Phone Cases

Phone cases are an oft-forgotten accessory, but the second someone tells you how much they adore your phone case, it becomes all you can think about. Why not stay ahead of the game and get an amazing case now? A big trend coming in 2019 is phone cases that double as wallets.

Not a full wallet, of course, but enough space for important cards. These are the perfect iPhone cases for a night out, so you will have no need to worry about a purse or wallet because everything is in one fashionable, convenient place. Whoever said function over fashion (or vice versa) clearly had never anticipated this great phone case.

5 Must-Have Fashion Accessories for 2019. SHOP NOW!!! #fashion #style #shop #shopping #clothing #beverlyhills #shop #clothes #shopping #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #dress #styles #instyle #dresses #shop #clothes #shopping #shoes #handbags

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  1. Bigger is Better (Sunglasses)

In 2018, tiny sunglasses were a big hit and they were all over runways and fashion shows. This year, trends have shifted completely, and large shades are the new “it” factor. Think aviators, but even larger. These massive lenses can be found already at most sunglass retailers, but it may take a bit for a more affordable option to show up. However, these are cute, fun, and provide even more protection for your eyes, so what’s not to love?

  1. Baker Boy Hats

Somewhat like a newsboy cap, these hats are popping up all over fashion weeks and runways. Stores like Nordstrom and TopShop are already capitalizing on the trend, marketing these adorable hats with gusto. If you are not afraid of a good hat, consider one of these baker boy hats to complete your ensemble. Even if you are not a hat person, consider trying it anyway – you may find you love it!

  1. Basket Bags & Knit Bags

Basket bags are exactly what they sound like – small woven baskets with a shoulder strap, and they are absolutely adorable. Baskets range in size just like the average purse, so women can have whatever amount of space they need. There are also plenty of different weave types, colors, and straps to choose from. It might sound clunky, but it really works.

On the other end of the woven bag spectrum is the knit bag. These are free form, come in a huge variety of colors and weave shapes, and are the perfect accessory for people wanting something a little less structured than a basket bag. Both of these styles are super cute and wildly popular.

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  1. Statement Rings

How can something so small have such an impact? You would be surprised. Rings, especially multiple rings, are a big trend right now. With all colors and shapes of statement jewellery available, there are rings to suit any personality if you know where to look. If you enjoy jewellery, this is a great way to stay on trend and do a little more jewellery shopping.


Trends are always changing, but it’s never a bad idea to start the year off right. The other thing to remember is this: trends will always come back, so jump in now so you’re ready for their inevitable return in the future!

Jacqueline Maddison

Jacqueline Maddison

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