How To Enter The Global Business Market

How To Enter The Global Business Market

The many business-friendly trade deals and technological improvements have made it easier than ever for business to expand to a global market. Due in large part to the internet, it’s possible for a company to be based in, California, yet do business all over the world. If you’re feeling up to a challenge, it might be time to take your business international.

Weighing It Up

First thing is first, you need to determine whether actually looking overseas is the right option for you. If you’re only based in one part of the states then it makes a lot more sense to expand in America. Star where you are based, rather than in foreign lands, at least at first. This is a big country, with many different markets, so test your products and marketing here. To this before going across the pond (in either direction). Catering to overseas markets doesn’t have to be such a massive operation. It can start slow, by offering international shipping, for instance.

Know Your Audience

There’s some 300 million people in the states, and some 7 billion across the world. That’s a pretty big market you’re entering. But of course, these consumers aren’t just lining up to buy your product. You’ll have to go out there and actively market to them. You’ll need to know the differences between your local market and international markets. Take a read of what American ecommerce businesses should know about European customersBefore you take your American campaigns overseas: it’s about knowing their interests, wants, and the marketing language they respond to, ultimately.

How To Enter The Global Business Market

Make Your Products Accessible

At a bare minimum, you’ll want to change your website so that it’s accessible to an international market. Having the option to change the language of your pages to the language of your key target markets. Clearly outlining your international shipping policies is a good way to build interest in your brand overseas.  

Partner With Other Companies

You can always look at partnering with other companies in your intended area and introducing your products and services with them. This will give you a crucial head start in a market where nobody knows who you are. Plus it limits the expenditure (and thus risk).

Going Slow

Looking at your expanding your business to overseas territories can be rewarding, but it’s not for everyone. Before you do anything you’ll have to determine whether there is actually a space for your product or service in the area; if not, then it’ll be a waste of time. It’s all about being patient and slowly developing your presence. Also, because of the risk it’s always worthwhile having an exit strategy as to limit your costs should things not work out as you intended.


Jacqueline Maddison

Jacqueline Maddison

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