Clover at Top of List for Car Wash POS Systems #carwash #business

Clover at Top of List for Car Wash POS Systems

At the end of a fast, efficient car wash business, the last thing you want to give your customers is a slow, inconvenient payment experience. The latest POS systems by Merchant Account Solutions offer a number of industry-leading benefits for your car wash company. Explore these benefits and compare them with your current system to discover the difference of using Clover POS systems. (Image Credit:  Dariusz Sankowski/Pixabay)

Efficient Payment Processing

Payment technologies are constantly increasing their processing time. If you have an older POS system, chances are you’re making your customers wait extra for their cards to process. Invest in fast, affordable processing to speed up your entire car wash process.

Your customers can also enjoy diverse payment options. Mobile payments, chip cards and contactless payments are all possible with a Clover POS system. Few customers carry cash, and many customers prefer to use one of these new payment options.

Handheld Convenience

Compare a Clover POS system for car wash services to see how you can create mobile, convenient payment processing stations. Your car wash business is a fast-paced place, so give your employees mobile POS systems. A handheld Clover system, like Clover MINI and CloverGo, offer responsive payment processing at any stage of the journey. Don’t make customers wait in line or get out of their car, but handle payments anywhere.

Intuitive POS Software

Clover POS systems use intuitive Clover software to streamline invoicing and payment processing. Other POS systems can have a complicated interface, which requires additional training. Because you can customize your POS screen, you can create an easy-to-read, easy-to-use POS system for your employees. Reduce training time and help your employees operate efficiently with a screen designed for your specific car wash company.

Not only will this reduce training time and decrease the time it takes to ring up each customer, a specialized POS screen can also prevent mistakes and incorrect charges. Many new employees can become confused with complicated, disorganized processing systems. This typically leads to incorrect charges and mis-priced services. Tailor your point of sale system to your business to reduce these errors.

Comprehensive Reporting Features

At the end of the day, you need detailed analytics, inventory management and time card reporting to keep your company on track. A Clover POS isn’t just convenient for your employees, but it can assist you in managing your car wash company. Now you’ll never have to wonder what happened to your inventory.

Keep track of time cards to make payroll and taxes a breeze. Link your office computer with your Clover software to immediately see an up-to-date payroll sheet and inventory information. Leverage current technologies and free up time to manage your business or spend more free time doing the things you love. Clover software reduces the stress and time of inventory tracking and can automatically update you as you run low on essential products.

Stay Ahead of the Game

The car wash industry is fast-paced and competitive. Don’t fall behind with outdated, expensive and inefficient payment processing. Learn more about the Clover System POS today and find out how you can try it out commitment free in your car wash business.

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