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How To Launch Your Article Writing Career

There are hundreds of people who seek help from professional writing services on a daily basis. They range from individuals to companies of various sizes and financial power. The thing is, writing is one professional that is lucrative and broad. If you want a flexible career, then venturing into it would be a wise decision. However, there are steps to follow to create a successful article writing service. Let’s go over them one after the other.

1.    Take more time to plan

Proper planning is the bedrock of every successful business. Without it, your company may be directionless. The first step to launching your article writing service is to plan. You can do so by asking yourself some vital questions and providing the answers after conducting thorough research. Create a long-term plan and ensure there is room for expansion or to add more options as you grow. The questions to ask when brainstorming is;

    What niche should I focus on?

There are many of them available for article writers. You can go into medical writing, blog writing, article writing, technical writing, marketing and advertising copywriting, business plan writing and resume writing. Now how do you determine where your passion lies? Take up writing tasks on the various niches. You can even assign responsibility to yourself and allow others to criticize your work.

    How much should I charge?

Your plan should include this too. And remember to consider the fact that you are just starting out when fixing rate. The writing niche is highly competitive and rewarding. But that does not mean you should set a high price for your services. You will scare potential clients away by doing this.

You can charge per hour or article. Your rate per hour can be between $10 – $15 per hour or more. Or you can request per payment content depending on the word count. For instance, an article of 500 words can have a fixed rate of $50.

    How do I intend to source for clients?

There are tons of freelancing platforms where article buyers and sellers meet. You can start from there, but be ready for the high competition. Other ways you can get clients is through social media platforms;




How To Launch Your Article Writing Career

Just indicate you are an article writer on your page or contact them directly. You never know if a client interested in your services is on your web page. You can also prepare captivating email newsletter and send directly to various companies. These are some of the ways article writing companies land high paying clients that work with them for many years.

2.    Create a website

The website is your virtual office, so it is essential to have one that is well designed and captivating. The site quality and content in general, matters. Your email newsletter and social media page should have a link pointing to your website so that clients can read your work to know if you can provide the quality they seek. Take, for instance, ThesisRush; the quality of site and contents would give clients assurance that will deliver.

Once you have your website up and running, the next is to hire writers to work for you. Payment will be according to what they deliver.

3.    Start writing

Once everything is in order, getting your first writing gig will be easy. But ensure you proofread thoroughly and give your best for every project. A satisfied client will gladly repeat patronage.


Many individuals are making it big on article and custom dissertation writing. They might not be better than you but have stronger determination to obtain financial freedom offering such services. The bottom line is taking the right approach, and doing the right things. When you plan well, everything will fall into place and go smoothly. Follow the outline on how to create an article writing business to get started.

Jacqueline Maddison

Jacqueline Maddison

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