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Top 5 Seaside Towns In Europe For Relaxed Vacation

There are several seaside towns in Europe which can be enjoyable to travel to even though they are currently unpopular tourist destinations. In this guide by, 5 Top Seaside Towns in Europe for a Chill Holiday are discovered for you to consider. These towns boast of art, local festivals and wines, prehistoric caves and most of the things that you are seeking in an unforgettable European getaway. (Image Credit: Pixabay)

  1. Korcula, Croatia

Although not being a tourist island, Korcula tops the list. This town is rich in buildings which date from the Venetian era. The town is characterized by street patterns which result in free circulation of air. Because of this, Korcula has been always calm and it is protected from the strong sea winds and this will make your holiday serene and peaceful. There are the beautiful restaurants in the town serve seafood and their own Greek wine. Historic places to visit include the explorer’s house Marco Polo and the 15th Century Franciscan monastery which houses a cloister, Venetian-Gothic.

  1. Furore, Italy

Second on the list of European vacation hot spots is this beautiful but unpopular town on the Italian Coast of Amalfi. The town is characterized by quietness as the houses are widely spaced around the face of the cliff. High cliffs that flank the water inlet gives a perfectly secluded beach. There are traditional meals that are served in restaurants which mainly consist of tomatoes and grapes with fish and potatoes (‘totani e patate’). Other than swimming in the ocean waters, activities such as climbing, mountain biking and trekking can keep you busy. A local festival is always held in September of every year for a week where mural painters decorate the town.

Top 5 Seaside Towns in #Europe for a Chill Holiday in Italy #travel #travelmagazine #europeanvacations #exclusive #getaways #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills

  1. Cadiz, Spain

Third on the list is this old town which is now titled as the new coastal tourist destination in Spain. Cadiz town is characterized by white houses which are brightened with tiles which follow a specific pattern of its old quarters. The town has landmark buildings which are well preserved. Most restaurants in the area serve fish-base tapas which come with red tuna it. Simply delicious dishes will delight your palate! In Cadiz, The Second largest Roman Theater in the world which was built in the 1st century BC can be a great place to spend time here as well.

  1. Marsaxlokk, Malta

The fourth on the list of vacation destinations is a fishing village which is characterized by brightly coloured houses and boats. It has become an important fishing harbor in Malta. Most harborside restaurants offer real sea to table food like La Capanna. One can also purchase direct from the local market and prepare for it themselves. While in Marsaxlokk, you can spend time in St. Peter’s Pool which is the most beautiful natural formed pool and the prehistoric cul-de-sac, Ghar Dalam.

Top 5 Seaside Towns in #Europe for a Chill Holiday in Malta #travel #travelmagazine #europeanvacations #exclusive #getaways #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills

  1. Antibe, France

Last but  not least on the list is an old town in France which is characterized by a well organized local market and flower-filled lanes for walking. Antibe is surrounded by a 16th century ramparts that gives glorious panoramic sea vistas. Restaurants in this town serve fresh produce such as tomatoes, red pepper paste, ripe peaches, goats’ cheese and many more local foods. An amazing place to visit within the town is the collection of Picasso’s work at the Château Grimaldi.

If you are looking for a chilly coast in Europe away from the crowds to relax and unwind, these 5 towns could be your new favorite travel destinations. Visiting one of this seaside towns will give you memories which will last forever, from the historical sites to unique beaches to amazing yearly festivals. Book your European vacation today!

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