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A French Polynesian Vacation at The Brando

In the early 1960’s, Marlon Brando traveled to Tahiti to film Mutiny on the Bounty. And while there, the famous actor became consumed with French Polynesia. When filming completed, he ventured to Teti’aroa, a small atoll 30 miles northeast of Tahiti. Teti’aroa is twelve small islands surrounding a crystal blue lagoon. The stunning locale has bountiful white sand beaches and towering palm trees. It is a natural sanctuary for countless birds and marine life. In a word, Teti’aroa is paradise. Even Tahitian royalty would vacation there. 

The History of The Brando Resort

Upon stepping foot on Teti’aroa, Marlon Brando fell in love. A few years later, he managed to purchase the atoll and endeavored to build his oasis. He envisioned a post-carbon resort that would actively work to preserve Teti’aroa. So he began by building a small village entirely from local materials. But Marlon Brando died before he could accomplish his goal. 

However, with the help of The Brando Estate and 8 of the actor’s children, a company that specializes in French Polynesian hospitality picked up where Marlon Brando left off. And The Brando Resort was born.

The Brando Resort #Tahiti #vacation #travel #bucketlist #exclusive #luxury #beaches #island #vacations #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #ocean #fivestar #frenchpolynesia #hotels #BevHillsMag @thebrandoresort The Best Hotel In The Region

The Brando opened to the public in July of 2014. Since its opening, luxury resort has received numerous best hotel accolades and awards from the world’s most respected travel magazines and brands. Just this year, one of these prestigious travel magazines named The Brando “The Best Hotel in Australasia & South Pacific.” In addition, the luxury resort has received awards for excellence in eco-tourism and dedication to sustainability. 

A Truly Post-Carbon Vacation

Quite simply, The Brando Resort sees itself as a steward of Teti’aroa. As such, it has taken significant steps to maintain the atolls environmental health and integrity. Impressively, the luxury resort is 100% energy independent. Solar energy and coconut oil biofuel provide all of the resort’s energy. And based upon a premise investigated by Marlon Brando himself, the island air conditioning runs on cold water from the depths of the ocean. The motorized vehicles on Teti’aroa are solar powered. Indeed, this five star hotel even encourages guests and employees to ride bicycles. In addition, The Brando also boasts the impressive LEED Platinum Certification. As such, your vacation at The Brando Resort is guaranteed to be environmentally friendly.

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The Brando Resort #Tahiti #vacation #travel #bucketlist #exclusive #luxury #beaches #island #vacations #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #ocean #fivestar #frenchpolynesia #hotels #BevHillsMag @thebrandoresort Luxurious Villas

This five star hotel has 35 villas. The one bedroom villa offers guests 1,033 square feet of living space with a king or two twin bedroom, sitting room, media room, terrace, and private pool. In true island style, the bathroom offers a private outdoor tub. Furthermore, the two bedroom villas at the luxury resort have all the features of a one bedroom villa with the addition of 775 square feet. This additional space includes a kitchen, dining room, two-tiered deck, and a private yard. 

However, the three bedroom villas offer the most luxurious accommodations during your vacation. Again, the three bedroom villa builds on the characteristics of the two bedroom villa with an additional 840 square feet of living space, totaling 2,648 square feet. Above all, the third bedroom stands alone from the main villa, providing extra seclusion. These quarters include a private dressing room, extended deck, and bathroom with outdoor tub. In addition, the three bedroom villas have a spacious 236 square foot pool.  

The Brando Resort #Tahiti #vacation #travel #bucketlist #exclusive #luxury #beaches #island #vacations #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #ocean #fivestar #frenchpolynesia #hotels #BevHillsMag @thebrandoresort Exquisite Cuisine

The Brando has three restaurants for guests to enjoy. Nami Teppanyaki brings Japanese cuisine to Teti’aroa. Newly opened in September of 2018, Chef Kaito Nakamura helms the restaurant. Dining at Nami Teppanyaki is an engaging experience. Meals are cooked directly in front of guests on an iron teppanyaki griddle using the finest ingredients. In addition to an extensive collection of wines, guests can indulge in saki and a variety of Japanese beers.

Les Mutińes by Guy Martin is an elegant fine dining experience. Named in homage to Marlon Brando’s Mutiny on the Bounty, guests can enjoy an extravagant menu designed by acclaimed chef Guy Martin. Neutral tones cascade throughout the intimate restaurant which features an impressive ceiling reminiscent of the hull of a wooden ship. Also, a moat surrounds Les Mutińes by Guy Martin, creating the feeling of being seabound.

The Brando Resort #Tahiti #vacation #travel #bucketlist #exclusive #luxury #beaches #island #vacations #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #ocean #fivestar #frenchpolynesia #hotels #BevHillsMag @thebrandoresort

However, guests looking for a more relaxed dining experience will enjoy Beachcomber Cafe. This breezy restaurant features authentic Polynesian and classic French cuisine. Guests can dine within the cafe or on the beach. As such, Beachcomber Cafe offers spectacular views of the ocean and lagoon. 

Also, The Brando’s dedication to sustainability is apparent in their culinary offerings. The organic orchard and organic vegetable garden on Teti’aroa provide many of the ingredients the chef’s use in their kitchens. Because this fine produce is so readily available, The Brando had the innovative, vegan chef Kelvin Au-leong design an exclusive vegan menu for the resort. This menu is available at all of the restaurants on Teti’aroa.

The Brando Resort #Tahiti #vacation #travel #bucketlist #exclusive #luxury #beaches #island #vacations #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #ocean #fivestar #frenchpolynesia #hotels #BevHillsMag @thebrandoresort Relaxing Cocktails

The Brando is home to two unique bars. Bob’s Bar, named for a friend of Marlon Brando, has a casual atmosphere directly on the beach. It is the perfect place to relax while enjoying the crystal waters of the island.

Te Manu Bar has an unsurpassed view of the lagoon. This second floor bar is open air. Uniquely, in addition to the main lounge, private treetop nests offer privacy and an incredible spot to enjoy the sunset. In addition, walkways weaving through the lush palm canopy provide access to these exclusive seating areas. 

The Brando Resort #Tahiti #vacation #travel #bucketlist #exclusive #luxury #beaches #island #vacations #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #ocean #fivestar #frenchpolynesia #hotels #BevHillsMag @thebrandoresort Decadent Spa Experiences

Varua Te Ora Polynesian Spa has a wide variety of body treatments to nourish guest’s body and soul. The spa itself seamlessly intermingles with the vegetation on the island, creating a peaceful oasis. However, the impressive Fare Manu suite is a must for a decadent tropical vacation. This luxury suite sits high above the canopy with unimpeded water views. While basking in the peace this suite has to offer, indulge in the Oriental Experience. This treatment begins with an oriental massage using soft Tahitian honey followed by a foot reflexology treatment. The Oriental Experience finishes with a guest’s choice of a facial or scalp reflexology.      

The Brando Resort #Tahiti #vacation #travel #bucketlist #exclusive #luxury #beaches #island #vacations #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #ocean #fivestar #frenchpolynesia #hotels #BevHillsMag @thebrandoresort Once-In-A-Lifetime Activities

As expected, this luxury resort has an abundance of water activities. The lagoon is a wonderful place to snorkel or learn to scuba. Of course, scuba trips in the open ocean can be arranged. In addition, kayaking, paddle boarding, and Polynesian outrigger canoeing are available in the lagoon. Deep sea fishing excursions are an amazing way to pass the day. And guests looking to be active on land can enjoy tennis, biking, and a variety of fitness classes for every level.  

In keeping with The Brando’s passion for the environment, this five star hotel has a number of nature activities and excursions. Day excursions guided by a naturalist provide unique insight and access to island birds, the coral reefs, and the atoll.  

Additionally, The Brando also has many art and culture activities. Take Polynesian dance lessons. Explore Polynesian music and learn to play the ukulele, pahu, or toere. Or learn the art of Polynesian weaving. Watch a culinary demonstration and take a taste of French Polynesia home from your vacation.

Marlon Brando found his solace on Teti’aroa. So let The Brando Resort help you find your peace on your next vacation.

The Brando Resort #Tahiti #vacation #travel #bucketlist #exclusive #luxury #beaches #island #vacations #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #ocean #fivestar #frenchpolynesia #hotels #BevHillsMag @thebrandoresort

(Images Courtesy of The Brando)

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