Top Wedding Ring Trends for Men

Top Wedding Ring Trends for Men #love #marriage #wedding #weddingrings #relationships #shopping #jewelry #shop #jewellery #weddingsbands #gold #silver #metal #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills
Top Wedding Ring Trends for Men #love #marriage #wedding #weddingrings #relationships #shopping #jewelry #shop #jewellery #weddingsbands #gold #silver #metal #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills

Men’s jewelry may represent a small sector of the jewelry market but it is enjoying continuous growth, with celebrities like Jaden Smith, Kanye West, and model/influencer Chris Lavish rocking everything from long necklaces to oversized rings, diamond-encrusted chains, and serpent wallet chains. This heightened creativity is making its mark on what has always been considered a conservative jewelry choice: the traditional wedding ring. These days, males are selecting wedding bands that show off their sartorial flair with new materials, unexpected stone choices, and dark (sometimes black) metals that capture the eye and ignite one’s creative spark

Mixed Metals

Matching looks are no longer in when it comes to coordinating different pieces of jewelry. Thus, fashionable celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Gigi Hadid have all seen mixing pieces made with yellow, rose, and/or white gold with panache but nearly all high-end brands have brought out similar pieces for men. This trend is clearly seen in wedding rings, many of which contain more than one hue (sometimes all three in distinct rows, ‘joined’ one a single band).

Doubling Up

If in the past, men would scarcely wear one wedding band, these days, those with an eye for fashion are wearing both engagement and wedding bands. Ryan Reynolds, for instance, has a fine ring in yellow gold accompanied by a wide band, also in yellow gold, both of which contain unexpected bending and curving that makes them anything but boring. Two rings put a spin on the traditional custom of giving engagement rings to women exclusively.

Top Wedding Ring Trends for Men #love #marriage #wedding #weddingrings #relationships #shopping #jewelry #shop #jewellery #weddingsbands #gold #silver #metal #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhillsBack to Nature

Nature is big among millennials, owing in no small part to recent findings showing the beneficial effects that time spend in the Great Outdoors on stress and anxiety. Nature travel, eco fashion, and natural materials in jewellery are making patent the extent to which fervent fashionistas wish to ‘return to innocence’. We are seeing materials like wood mixed with an array of metals (yellow gold, platinum, and rose gold) and precious stones such as ethical diamonds (Leonardo DiCaprio is a big fan of the latter). Many couples are choosing wooden rings that vary in features such as width and design. Thus, one spouse may opt for diamonds encircling the band completely while the other may choose just one central diamond for a bit of extra shine. If you don’t want a wedding band that’s 100% made of wood, you can get one that is metal but has a wood inlay along the center of the ring.

Darker Metals

Jeremy Renner, now divorced, once rocked an über-chic black metal wedding band which is now far more popular among men who like to make a statement. Materials like titanium graphite graced with diamonds that ‘move’ within a defined space are a great choice for those wishing to combine strength with artistry. Dark titanium is resolutely masculine yet very eye-catching. Ideal for the serious entrepreneur who likes doesn’t wish to sacrifice individuality and artistry in his everyday look.

If you thought wedding bands had to be staid or boring, try to rethink the situation as an opportunity to show off your penchant for unique ring styles. Use non-traditional materials, mix metals, or opt for unusual metal work on your ring. Gems, too, are in, so if you love a little bling, why not incorporate it into your everyday look?

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