Tips On How To Select The Right Nail Polish

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Nail polishes are fundamental aspects of nail care – they are a very important part of manicure and pedicure. There are diverse kinds and shades of nail polishes which typically makes the decision of the right nail polish to choose a challenging one.

Choosing the right nail polish goes beyond the color or shade, which is what many online articles limited it to. There are other salient matters to consider when selecting the right nail polish including:


This is the very first thing to consider when selecting a nail polish otherwise you may be doing your nails major harm. Many nail polishes contain harsh chemicals that often dry nails and cuticles out. Among other problems, this could cause nails to crack hence allowing microorganisms such as nail fungus to thrive. According to this article which details some of the best nail polish brands in the market today, some of the harsh ingredients in nail polishes are formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and formaldehyde. When choosing nail polish, go for ones that have fewer toxic ingredients. Some brands exclude up to 10 (10-free) toxic ingredients to protect nail’s health. 


Most of the toxic ingredients excluded in recent nail polish formula play roles that ensure the polish last up to a week or more without chipping. As much as safety is very imperative, doing a manicure or pedicure every 2 to 3 days is not easy hence it is important to select a nail polish with a great blend of safety and durability. 

Ease of Remover

Here is another important factor because it can ruin your nails. Any nail polish that requires acetone-based polish remover is not safe for nails because acetone can dry nails and cuticles out as well as affect the overall wellbeing of users especially with consistent exposure e.g. in a salon. Therefore, select nail polish that can be easily removed with non-acetone based polish removers. 


Having highlighted issues that could ruin nails, let’s now tilt towards aesthetics. Selecting the right color of nail polish involves the following:

  •         Skin Tone

The fact that a shade of nail polish looks amazing on your friend does not mean it will be great on you. One of the reasons for this is your complexion. Complexion can make a color of polish look off or washed out, therefore, it is vital to consider your skin tone when selecting nail polish. People with fair skin should stick to lighter shades e.g. red, pastel colors, purple shades, peach, and orange. On the opposite spectrum, people with dark skin should stick with very dark tones. As surprising as this sounds, dark colors resonate with dark skin e.g. deep red, intense cobalt shades, Neon, and bright pink, etc. Medium or olive skin people have greater freedom when it comes to the right nail polish color. Only gold and rust are off-limits. 

  •         Makeup

When choosing the right nail polish color, the color of your makeup matters. How you blend the color of your makeup with your nail polish color determines the kind of attention you get. It’s okay to match your makeup with your nail polish. 

  •         Season

Season is another relevant determinant of the shade of nail polish you should choose. Darker shades of nail polish are best suited to winter, nudes, and neutrals for Autumn, pretty pastels for spring, and bright neon hues for Summer. These shades are recommended for the different seasons but you can go with something different if you can match it well.

  •         Occasion 

Occasions are key determinants of the shade of nail polish to wear e.g. someone going for an interview should not wear the same thing as someone going for a night date. The former should tilt towards neutral colors while the latter can go all out with bright colors. 

  •         Trends

Trend is another important factor to consider. It affects nail polish as much as it affects other beauty or fashion products. Check out what is popular with other people but make sure it’s something you are comfortable with, otherwise don’t use it. Always go with what works for you, irrespective of the trend.


Several key factors determine the nail polish to select. This industry or market is replete with products with substantial differences hence the need to be properly guided in making a choice. All the factors highlighted above are important and should be given proper attention to ensure you look your best as well as protect your mail’s health.

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