The Best SEO company-A Practical Guide

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You have successfully launched your website, and traffic is pouring in after your first email campaign. Magnificent! But how do you select the best SEO company so that valuable organic traffic, qualified leads and more sales come in through Google?

Currently, there are more than 18,000 search engine optimization agencies worldwide offering SEO services. The best SEO company for your company has extensive and extensive competencies that are closely related. It is essential that they can demonstrate these skills in their entirety.

The search engine optimization and SEO specialists market is one of the most saturated services in Europe. With this article, we will help you select the best SEO company and what the pitfalls are. Selecting the best SEO company is easier than you think if you follow our advice. Here are our five tips:

1.  The Sellers Are SEO Specialists.

The sales pitch is the time to discover the SEO expertise (or lack thereof) of a potential SEO agency. During the sales conversations (especially listening as a buyer), you use the sales process to maximize the expertise of the SEO specialists.

Watch out for: a CEO or general manager as a salesperson. The CEO of a company always sounds very convincing because it is his nature to be the company’s most charismatic asset. The CEO is a born salesperson.

A sales process led by a CEO steals a critical moment: the opportunity to gauge the expertise of the permanent SEO specialists and employees in the company.

Afterward, you will always be stuck with uncertainties:

  • What about those who have to execute the daily strategy?
  • Are the employees able to realize the exceptionally presented results that the CEO has sold you?

By the time the agreement is signed, the CEO has already left for another adventure, and you may be sitting at the table with a junior account manager a week later.

What to look for: The best SEO company with broad knowledge and expertise in different markets. There will be no knowledge silos tomorrow, and the CEO should not influence the sales process.

A right SEO agency knows that its expertise does not lie with the CEO. The salesperson, sales representative, or account manager must conduct discussions about contextual link building, SEO audits, or SKAG. Only in this way will you be able to discover the SEO agency’s skills in their entirety.

First tip:

Focus on a search engine optimization agency or SEO company that uses permanent employees in the sales process and try to speak with as many people as possible who will have to roll out the SEO tasks later in strategy, tactics, and execution.

2.  The Scope Of Their Work Is Crystal Clear.

A good scope of an assignment is like a good recipe. It’s easy to follow, it gives you specific information about the ingredients and generates a delicious dish. Your ability to distinguish a good SEO scope (the assignment’s content) from a wrong SEO scope is crucial during the SEO company selection.

Watch out for: The “undefined laundry list” in the scope. This one looks like a long list of SEO buzz words and marketing tricks. This one is only meant to impress their potential customer with sheer overwhelm and confusion. Watch out for the “if you can’t convince them, confuse them” tactic in the sales process.

What to look for: An SEO company that does not use filler material in its quote. If a deliverable is not tactical (and is part of a strategy) or result-oriented, it is not in the scope.

SEO filling material in the quotation can also indicate that the SEO company’s knowledge is somewhat limited.

Watch out for: Unclear planning and vague wording around deliverables.

What to look for: The best SEO company has transparent internal processes to keep their operations efficient and profitable. They must be experts in resource planning; sharing timelines is a must and keep the business in line with your expectations.

Second tip: Ask for a detailed explanation of their strategy and the scope of the assignment. Do not work with an agency that is unable to explain each deliverable according to the strategy.

3.  The Strategy Of The SEO Company Makes You Money.

The strategy of an SEO company is at the heart of your decision criteria. So there is a lot to consider when selecting the best SEO company for your business.

Watch out for: “The first page in Google guarantee”.

Getting a keyword on the first page of Google is not difficult. It is difficult to get a business question with keywords on the first page.

If a search in Google has no search volume, the position on the first page, of course, makes no sense, there is no question. The ideal SEO company focuses its strategy on impactful business searches to generate valuable traffic and qualified leads.

What to look for: An SEO company that uses your data to build a results-oriented strategy. A good SEO company examines historical data, conversion rates, and possible targets based on competitive analysis.

Their strategy must result in a positive ROI (return on investment). A good SEO company uses projection algorithms to determine the ROI’s viability and adjusts the strategy if necessary.

Third tip: Do not work with SEO companies that cannot show growth projections with a positive ROI. Work with an SEO company that regularly reports all KPIs with full transparency using tools such as Ubersuggest, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, …

4.  Customers Publicly Praise Good SEO Companies.

Verified reviews are potent indicators to measure the quality of an SEO agency. Watch out for Fake and paid reviews.

Some agencies go to great lengths to collect positive reviews. Fake reviews, on the other hand, are easy to spot.

You can always verify a reference or review of a company via LinkedIn. If their employees also regularly receive recommendations from their customers, you can assume that it is a legitimate company.

What you should pay attention to A good SEO company receives three recommendations per year on average. The reviews come from companies and people in similar internal structures.

Good SEO companies are not afraid if you want to check a reviewer via a telephone interview. If necessary, they are happy to put you in touch with their current customers.

Fourth tip: Don’t deal with agencies without verified reviews. Contact at least two references by phone.

5. The SEO Company Ranks Very Well For Its Most Commercial Keywords.

Only the best SEO companies rank very high in Google for their most commercial keywords.

SEO companies that have to advertise in Google to be visible in the search result pages with in-market keywords should be ignored.

Be sure to take the test with the in-market keywords below for an SEO company. These should have at least a top-three ranking in Google:

  • SEO company
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With these five tips, you now have everything you need to find the best SEO company for your SEO campaign.

If you are convinced after reading our tips that only a good SEO company can help your company grow, then you should talk to any SEO specialist in the world.

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