10 Things to Know About Dating an Older Man

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Dating an older man comes with a host of pros and cons, from disparities in terms of your sex drive to romance and stability. Whether you’re seeking a sugar daddy or have fallen for your local silver fox, here’s everything you need to know.

He has plenty of experience

Whether he’s dated around or left a long-term relationship, the older man knows what he’s doing. From sexual performance to bringing plenty of romance, he’ll be ready to keep you satisfied—nothing like the bumbling frat boys you remember from college.

Commitment levels will vary

Often, you’ll find that an older man isn’t interested in a firm commitment. If you head to a dating site to find a sugar daddy, you know he probably won’t be proposing anytime soon. Still, you’ll find companionship and support without pressure to derail your own dreams and ambitions. If you want an excuse to wear lace and get some sexual satisfaction without the burden of a typical relationship, an older man looking for female sexual partners or a sugar baby might just be the solution you need.

He can make time for you

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you just might find an older man who is searching for longer-term companionship. This older man is a bachelor, with kids having long since left the nest and a booming business fueling his lifestyle. This man can make you and your relationship his priority—he’s already put in the time to make his mark on the world. If that’s what you’re looking for in a partner, you can easily find it in an older man.

You can teach each other about pop culture

At first, the differences between your respective interests may intimidate you. He has no idea who BTS is, and you don’t catch his classic film references. This offers plenty of opportunities to expose yourselves to new interests. Listen to that Frank Sinatra song, and introduce him to your favorite reality show. You just might get some new-to-you favorites along the way.

He might not want to party every night

A relationship with an older man is a homebody’s dream. Unlike the guys your age, he won’t want to head to the club on a Tuesday, and when you do want to party hard, you’ll still have options. Natural supplements like ProSolution plus can increase his stamina and let you both enjoy each other’s company for a long time. Gone are the days of getting home too late or too drunk to enjoy quality sex!

Other people will have opinions

Your mom doesn’t understand. Your friends joke about your “daddy issues”. Strangers ask about your “Dad.” Other people will have thoughts on your relationship and often won’t hesitate to share them. Remember that, even when they mean well, your relationship comes down to two people—you and him.

He’s financially stable

You aren’t a gold-digger, but it’s awfully nice knowing that the man you’re dating won’t “forget” to pay the rent. There’s an appeal to expensive gifts like lace, silk, or luxurious lingerie, of course, but the simple security of knowing he’s got his financial ducks in a row (he even has a diversified portfolio!) is a benefit in and of itself.

You may communicate differently

He doesn’t understand Snapchat, and you hate phonecalls. You might need to put in extra work to make sure you’re both communicating clearly, but those conversations will build intimacy along the way. Snap him a shot of the hem of his favorite lace panties and agree to phone dates at a certain time—it all comes down to compromise.

He might not be looking to change

If you’re looking for a partner you can mold into the “perfect” man, look elsewhere. The older man is often set in his ways. He won’t want to uproot his routines, even for the appeal of younger women or a mutually beneficial relationship

There will be no doubt he loves you—just the way you are

You, yourself, act as an aphrodisiac for him. Worry about you and him, not whether you shaved in time for date night He’ll love that you put in the effort to please him, yet won’t expect you to meet an unrealistic standard.

If you’re thinking about dating an older man, get ready for some challenges along the way. But also, be ready for the relationship of a lifetime.

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