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Luxury Homes in Hotel Finca Cortesin

Southern Spain’s Andalusian coastline is one of the most popular tourist destinations within the country. The region has myriad historic attractions, luxury boutiques, and fine restaurants.  And, of course, do not forget the beautiful Costa del Sol. With warm weather, three hundred days of sunshine a year, and pristine beaches, Costa del Sol is Spain’s oasis on the Mediterranean Sea. Andalusia is a exceptional locale for a magnificent vacation. But its an even better place to live.

Luxury Homes in Hotel Finca Cortesin #realestate #dream #homes #estates #beautiful #seaside #spain #homes #homesweethome #luxuryhomes #dreamhomes #homesforsale #luxurylifestyle #beverlyhills #BevHillsMag

The Luxury Community of Finca Cortesin

Located near Marbella in Casares, Finca Cortesin is well-known to be one of the best hotels in Spain. However, this luxury resort complex also offers real estate to the discerning buyer looking to own a piece of the Andalusian paradise. In fact, this luxury, five hundred acre community has two separate residential areas. Green 10 features contemporary residences overlooking the golf course. However, the prestigious Golfside Villas boast beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea as well as the golf course.

In addition, distinctly different architectural styles define the sixteen luxury homes in Golfside Villas. In fact, seven different well-known architects were part of the design process. As such, these villas range from modern and contemporary to Romanesque in style. And while each residence is unique, these dream homes play upon the traditional characteristics found in the region, creating a homogeneous feel in this luxury community.

Luxury Homes in Hotel Finca Cortesin #realestate #dream #homes #estates #beautiful #seaside #spain #homes #homesweethome #luxuryhomes #dreamhomes #homesforsale #luxurylifestyle #beverlyhills #BevHillsMag A Classic Dream Home

This stunning luxury home in the Golfside Villas has clean lines and a classic style. Its symmetry, Arabic-tiled roof, multiple chimneys, and ample porticos create a dramatic picture. The lush and mature landscaping on the nearly one acre property belies the age of this newly constructed home. A path wandering throughout the perimeter of the parcel connects all of the dwelling’s elegantly designed gardens. Furthermore, a long, refreshing pool rounds out the backyard features.

Within this luxury home, owners will delight in the abundance of natural light and sea views. The main level of this 14,542 square foot residence has a library, formal dining room, family dining area, kitchen, service area, and garage access as well as the main bedroom. Four more bedrooms complete with en suite baths are on the upper level. Each bedroom faces southward and offers unobstructed views of the Mediterranean. The lowest level of the home is semi-below grade and includes the gym and pool house.

Luxury Homes in Hotel Finca Cortesin #realestate #dream #homes #estates #beautiful #seaside #spain #homes #homesweethome #luxuryhomes #dreamhomes #homesforsale #luxurylifestyle #beverlyhills #BevHillsMag

Impressive Community Amenities

Living within the luxury community of Finca Cortesin has many perks. First, all residents of Golfside Villas and Green 10 have access to the amenities offered by the hotel. That includes 24-hour full concierge services and housekeeping. In addition, gardening, landscaping, interior design, maintenance, and repair services are also available. Secondly, community members can also utilize the on-grounds golf course, spa and sport facilities, a beach club, and the small selection of art, automobile, fashion and interior design shops.

The Asian-themed spa features many treatments including facials, massages, and thermal baths. Thai-trained technicians and prestigious products made by Biologique Recherche assure a pampering and relaxing session. The fitness center has a large indoor saltwater swimming pool. Personal training is also available by upon request. 

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When headed to the beach, Finca Cortesin resident’s can bask in the sun at the beach club. Less than one mile from the luxury community, this Balinese-themed club fronts right to the Mediterranean. Lush gardens and teak decking surround the impressive 35 meter infinity pool. In addition, the club restaurant features sumptuous plates designed around the freshest local seafood. 

But of most note is Finca Cortesin’s golf course. This par 72 course was ranked as one of the top 5 golf courses in Spain by the premier golfing magazine. The course hosts a variety of well-attended tournaments throughout the year. Additionally, the Nicklaus Academy is available to strengthen even the most skilled golfer’s game. 

Luxury Homes in Hotel Finca Cortesin #realestate #dream #homes #estates #beautiful #seaside #spain #homes #homesweethome #luxuryhomes #dreamhomes #homesforsale #luxurylifestyle #beverlyhills #BevHillsMag

Adding This Luxury Home to Your Real Estate Portfolio

This award-winning luxury community provides one additional service to its residents. As Finca Cortesin operates as a luxury resort and hotel, management services are available. Homeowners wishing to  rent their luxury home can rest easy knowing a qualified and experienced management company is operating on their behalf. Indeed, this extra service makes the purchase of this real estate even more enticing!

Costa del Sol beckons travelers from around the world. While it’s lovely to visit, it is even more magnificent to have a luxury home to call your own. 

Address: Finca Cortesin Carretera de Casares 29690 Casares-Málaga Spain

Mas Property lists this luxury home with an asking price of €7.500.000.00, approximately $8,586,000.

Luxury Homes in Hotel Finca Cortesin #realestate #dream #homes #estates #beautiful #seaside #spain #homes #homesweethome #luxuryhomes #dreamhomes #homesforsale #luxurylifestyle #beverlyhills #BevHillsMag

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