Luxury Motors: Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce- Phantom-Car-Magazine--Luxury-Imports-Most-Expensive-Cars-Dream-Cars-Rich-Cars-Cool-Cars-VIP-S-Bentley-
Rolls-Royce- Phantom-Car-Magazine--Luxury-Imports-Most-Expensive-Cars-Dream-Cars-Rich-Cars-Cool-Cars-VIP-S-Bentley-

One of the prominent automobile manufacturers in the history of automobiles Rolls Royce has always been a status symbol for the rich and famous ever since its inception. The luxury motors produced by Rolls Royce have always stood for luxury, power and evergreen classic designs. The latest offering from Rolls Royce the Phantom Coupe is one of the best luxury motors on offer from Rolls Royce and has surely caught the frenzy of the rich and affluent. Unlike other Rolls Royce cars the Phantom Coupe is driver oriented. It is inspired from the Phantom II Continental of 1930s. It is a unique combination of luxury meeting sporty styling.

Like any other Rolls Royce cars the Phantom Coupe is seductive and breathtaking. It features sleek and bold lines running through the length of the car. The design of this car is classic and elegant. The profile of the car is low-slung and along with the massive 21” wheels and visible exhausts provides the car a mighty and sporty look. It features an all new LED front light cluster along with day light running bar lending it a distinct and contemporary look. Other prominent features include slightly redesigned Rolls Royce Grille accentuating the sleek and sporty design of the coupe. It comes with a host of colors and hues to choose from and one can choose from an amazing 44,000 colors along with personalization options like two-tone finishes and hand painted five meter coach lines. One can also choose from up to 12 different wheels with each having their own special character and self righting wheel centers.

Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce

The interior of this dream car is outstanding and luxurious, transforming a ride into an occasion of its own. It features exquisite materials that have gone into making of this exotic interior space that’s sure to capture the imagination of its occupants with its richness and opulence. The moment you step into the interior cabin you can sense the sporty characteristics of the Phantom Coupe. It features a thick rimmed steering wheel offering excellent grip better suited for the character of the car. Other prominent feature is the rare and exquisite leather work that’s hand crafted by skilled craftsman. It features a three-flute seat design lending the cabin a contemporary feel. It also features heated seats along with a range of personalization options like contrast stitching, piping and embroidery. Each veneer is sourced from a single tree and is hand polished to create a deep flawless shine. The center console is updated and each and every detail is ergonomically laid out. It also features a clear 8.8” Control Center Display along with a host of other customizable options.

The heart of this magnificent beast is the mighty V12 48 valve Direct Injection Engine producing a maximum power output of 453 bhp @ 5350 rpm and an impressive torque of 720 Nm @ 3500 rpm. The engine is mated to an automated 8 speed gear box. The car is capable of accelerating to 60  mph from standstill in just 5.6 sec and has an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph which are impressive performance figures considering the massive proportion of the vehicle. Other prominent safety and performance features include the sports mode that activates the gear box program that holds the gear longer providing a spirited drive. It uses advanced aluminum space frame and coupled with the state of art suspension technology creates a “magic carpet ride” that is unique to the Rolls Royce. It features state of art camera system offering all round view of the Phantom Coupe.

Undoubtedly one of the best luxury cars on offer the Phantom Coupe is sure to capture your heart and imagination with its classic proportions, enticing ride and handling and incredibly luxurious interiors. Priced at $ 447,000 it is one of the most expensive cars on offer but is completely worth it and won’t let you down with its performance, luxury and styling making it a must have in the garage along with the Bentley’s and Maybach’s.

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