Julia Roberts Beach House

Julia Roberts Malibu Beach House
Julia Roberts Malibu Beach House

The world famous Pretty Woman star Julia Roberts purchased a beachfront property on Hanalei Bay, Kauai in 2011, the original vacation property owned in 1915 by the family of sugar plantation manager H.P. Fayé.  Fayé built a large beachfront home for his family of ten and a small house for the servants they would bring with them.  Their summers were filled with fishing, games, relaxation and enjoyable socializing with other sugar executive families who also had vacation homes on the Bay.   In 1957, a tidal wave washed the main home to the back of the property but the top floor was left intact.  (SCROLL RIGHT FOR MORE PICTURES)

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The family decided that instead of reconstructing the original, they would instead turn the top floor into a house and continued using the property until 2011, when this prime piece of celebrity real estate was finally put up for sale.  Julia Roberts was the buyer, and although the property is permitted for up to 9,000 square feet of living space on the two acres allowing for additional buildings and a swimming pool, Julia left the historic property in its original form.  Existing structures consist of 3,792 square feet with seven bedrooms and four bathrooms on two acres with approximately 200 feet of beach.

With Julia’s attention focused on her Malibu beach house, she put her Hawaiian retreat back on the luxury real estate market in 2015 for $29.85 million.  Yet without a buyer, she recently reduced the price to $21.95 million.

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