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Must Have Lady Watches

There’s something about having a nice watch that can make a woman feel  perfectly in sync with the world. Even in the world of cell phones, it’s still nice to be able to look down at your wrist for the time. And if you do still wear a watch, and you should, then get one that the women in Beverly Hills recommend. Fashion from this region is always in style. You will find the most in style watches worn by women there.

First, look at a silver watch when you commence your shopping. Silver is always an in style choice. It goes with so many outfits. The fashion world is full of silver watches from the best designers. Peruse the latest fashion magazine or fashion blog to inform your selection. Shopping for a silver watch among all the new styles can be quite an experience.

Must Have Lady Watches- #bevhillsmag #jewelry #watches #BevHillsMag #beverlyhillsmagazine #fashion #style #newstyles #fashionblog #shop #shopping #clothes #fashionworld #fashionmagazine #instyle #stylemagazine

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch. BUY NOW!!!

Next, consider adding a rose gold watch. This fashion piece will stand out from the rest due to its rarity. Designers are beginning to take note of the rose gold theme. You will find this style as you shop in stores as well as in a jewelry magazine or watch blog. You should select the brand that you feel most comfortable sporting. Other articles in Beverly Hills Magazine can show you which new watch styles are worth taking special note of.

Finally, look for a gold watch that has diamonds in it. This ultimate luxury is not for everyone. The responsibility of wearing such an exclusive item means that you will want to be looking down at your wrist. But the exquisite design of the top brands make the clasp fail proof. And you can just instead admire your bevy of glitz and gold. These watches are great in lieu of diamond and gold bracelets. They are even more practical for day wear to offset your taste in clothes.


Justine Klettke

Justine Klettke

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