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Ladies’ Luxury Watch: Piaget Limelight Diamond

Who doesn’t love some diamonds and rose gold? It’s one of those combinations that just works out perfectly! There’s simply something to love about that diamond sheen resting against those pinkish hues. And thankfully, this combination comes together perfectly on the Piaget Limelight Diamond Dial. It even packs that Tonneau shape for a unique design as well! So let’s take a close look at this lovely ladies’ timepiece.

Design: Lots of Diamonds; Lot’s of Rose Gold

If you’re familiar with the Tonneau-shaped Limelight watches from Piaget, you know what to expect here. Only this time, it’s completely iced out in diamonds with a rose gold bezel and band. In fact, that combination sums up this entire watch perfectly!

Moving to the dial, you’ll get a diamond background contrasted with rose gold hands and numbers. Again, the rose gold plus diamond combo steals the show here. But that’s not to skim over some great clockwork! Both hands move quite seamlessly without any issues. And if that’s not enough, a scratch-resistant sapphire protects the entire shimmering dial!

So really, this watch’s design is simple, sweet, yet dazzling and flashy at the same time. If you’re looking for a 28 kt rose gold watch lined with 600 brilliant-cut diamonds and a huge case, then this Piaget Limelight is the perfect timepiece for you!

Piaget #Diamond Watch For Women. BUY NOW!!! #ladies #watch #cool #piaget #watches #sweet #timepiece #time #style #watchesofinstagram #style #fashion #fashionblogger #gift #ideas #giftsforher #beverlyhills #BevHillsMag #beverlyhillsmagazine

Piaget #Diamond Watch For Women. BUY NOW!!!


Again, things remain simple and sweet with the Piaget 690P Quartz movement. It’s an 8 jewel piece that’s perfect for powering this watch’s dial. Overall, this movement does a perfect job of ensuring your diamond watch always displays the correct time. Plus, it’s design is pretty nice too with blued screws inside. So it’s definitely a top-of-the-line movement piece from one of the world’s best luxury brands!

What’s the Price of a Piaget Limelight Diamond Watch?

It’s no surprise that this is a ladies’ timepiece that’s all about the gold and diamonds. As such, expect a market value of around $130,000.  So don’t delay if you’re looking for one of the globe’s best diamond watches, you can buy it now for $94,900!

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the Piaget Limelight Diamond is a simple watch with a show-stopping design! If you’re looking to wow anyone who glances at your wrist, this is the luxury timepiece to do just that! After all, designs don’t get much more flashy or luxurious than 18 kt rose gold and 600 brilliant-cut diamonds. So if you’re in search of a glimmering design, don’t hesitate to add this ladies’ watch to your collection!

Joshua Gray

Joshua Gray

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