Gigi Clozeau and Her Passion for Jewelry

A of mix jewels along with a little bit of good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll is what defines Gigi Clozeau. Gigi was born in the south of France. Her home was already immersed in the traditions of fashion and design because her father has been working at his jewelry bench where he crafted delicate design by hand along with her mother who has ignited emerging creativity for color, elegance and print. (Image Credit: Vinicius Amano /Unsplash)

Gigi Clozeau has her own divine ways of interpreting simple things, where everything that was able to touch her spirit is going to be subjected to her creativity. Whether it be a street graffiti, or the field of lavender and their colors, even the emotion that one feels when under a starry sky while facing the sea.

For Gigi, her first fashionable memory was the closet of her mother where she called it her “boudoir” as there were a lot of colors and interesting textures that are in there. Gigi got into the jewelry industry as she was born into it with the influence of her father who has been designing jewelry in Paris since the 1970s.

Gigi describes her aesthetics as simple, joyful and feminine. Where her target customers are from little girls, including the cool new grandmas.

The Gigi Clozaeu Necklace Collection

  1. The Mini Gigi Necklace 5 diamonds 0.20kt (18k YG) 22″

This necklace is priced is feminine mini Gigi that has been handmade in the south of France. The necklace is 22 inches long, and this can be adjusted to 21.25 inches. This Mini Gigi is already a statement on its own with its drop of sparkle layered. This Mini Gigi speaks of simplicity and sophistication. It is available in rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold chains.

  1. The Classic Cross Necklace Pink (18k RG) 16.5″

This classic cross necklace is as elegant as it can get, aside from the fact this is also a product of hard labor in the south of France. This necklace is 16.5 inches long, and it can be adjusted to 15.75 inches. This necklace is seating perfectly in the classic Gigi. Gigi’s Madone collection is a modern assertion of her personal faith and beauty. This necklace is available in resin colors should request to, and are chains are only available in rose gold color.

  1. The Classic Madone Rosary White (18k RG) 16.5”

A classic handmade in the south of France, it is one elegant Madone rosary that is 16.5 inches long and has a dangling Madone that is 3 inches from the first one. This is an idle piece to layer that is incorporated with a long classic Gigi necklace.

  1. The Classic Gigi Necklace Black (18k YG) 16.5″

Another handmade form the south of France is this simple classic Gigi necklace. The necklace is 16.5 inches long and can also be adjusted to 15.75 inches. This necklace is a perfect fit wherever you plan to go, and it can be worn as a single strand, or wear it layered. This necklace celebrates the joie de vivre in you.

The Gigi Clozaeu Pendant Collection

  1. The Madone Pendant White (18k RG)

This classic resin Madone pendant in white color is specially handcrafted in the south of France. This is one fun and colorful addition to Gigi’s pendant collection. You can also avail of other resin colors should you prefer one that is not white upon your request.

  1. The Madone Pendant (18k YG)

This pendant in gold color is also handcrafted from the south of France and is another perfect addition to the pendant collection. This pendant shows the modern affirmation of personal faith and beauty.

  1. The Cross Resin Pendant Pink (18k RG)

This resin class cross pendant in pink color is specially handmade from the south of France. This is another playful and colorful addition to the cross pendant collection. This pendant is on a rose gold plate.

  1. The Flamingo Resin Pendant Lime (18k RG)

The fun pendant in flamingo style in lime color is another product from the south of France. This voyage collection boards on a journey within ourselves when we go out and we perceive what is beautiful, unique, and universal. This pendant is plated in rose gold color and can also be made in different resin colors upon request.

  1. The Eye Pendant 2 Diamonds 0.02kt Turquoise (18k RG)

This is an enchanting eye pendant in turquoise color. This is also specially handmade from the south of France. This is a symbol of protection wherever you may go. You can have this in either rose gold, white gold, or white gold plates.

The Gigi Clozaeu Bracelet Collection

  1. The Eye Bracelet 2 diamonds 0.02kt Turquoise (18k RG) 6.7″

This is an addition to the eye jewelry collection. This eye bracelet in turquoise color is handmade in the south of France. The bracelet is 6.7 inches long and it can be adjusted to 6.4 inches. This is an addition to the eye pendant which serves as a protection wherever you go.

  1. The Classic Gigi Bracelet lagoon (18k YG) 6.7″

This a part of the classic Gigi collection. This classic Gigi bracelet in lagoon is another handicraft from the south of France. It is 6.7 inches long and can also be adjusted to 6.4 inches. This bracelet can easily fit on whatever you wear, wherever you may be going. You can style it either in single strand or layered.

  1. The Classic Cross Bracelet orange (18k RG) 6.7″

This is sweet and classic cross bracelet in orange color. The bracelet is also a product of handy work from the south of France. This bracelet is can be perfectly worn by itself or it can be worn in a stack of bracelets.

  1. The Mini Gigi Clozeau Bracelet 4 diamonds 0.16kt black (18k YG) 6.7″

This bracelet jewelry exudes elegance in black. Another handcrafted product from the south of France that measure 6.7 inches long and can also be adjusted to 6.4 inches. This bracelet can stand on its own or you can incorporate it with other styles. This is the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication and you can get this in other resin colors like poppy, turquoise green, and lapis. The chain can also be in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Whether you are shopping for a vintage piece of jewelry for a friend, or a personal keepsake you will love these jewels.

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