IPL Laser Hair Removal: What You Need to Know!

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It may sound too good to be true but with an at-home laser hair removal machine, you can zap away your hair follicle and stop hair growth for good! This probably sounds like a dream come true for most women. The hassle of shaving and waxing weekly is now a thing of the past. When diving into your laser hair removal journey it’s important to gather all the information you can before proceeding on your own. Luckily, we compiled everything you need to know before trying it yourself!

1. Consistency is Key

If you want long-lasting results you have to be consistent. This isn’t a one-time thing. Treatments need to be done about every 4 weeks since each hair follicle has its own growth cycle. Some follicles will be easy and some will be more stubborn. If you are just looking for a quick fix this probably isn’t the solution for you. You must be dedicated to the hair removal journey and in return, you will be rewarded with great results!

2. Around Month Three is When You’ll See Permanent Results

This doesn’t mean you won’t ever have to do the treatment again, but you should start seeing less hair growth and should be able to go longer amount of time without shaving or waxing. Keep the process going after month three and your results will just get better and better

3. Results Also Depend on Hair and Skin Type

Not all hair follicles are created equal. The most ideal combination for laser hair removal is light skin and a dark hair follicle. IPL laser thrives in those conditions. Grey, blonde and red hair pigments can be more tricky. Thankfully machines by Tria, Kenzzi, and Exobeauty offer settings for an array of different hair and skin pigments.

4. Sunscreen is Extra Important After a Treatment

After using a laser hair removal machine, your skin is more sensitive to the sun. You should always be using sunscreen, but definitely be even more generous with SPF after using an IPL machine!

5. Stay Away From Perfume, Hot Showers, and Deodorants

Once again due to sensitive skin, it’s best to hold off on using these products and taking hot showers when your skin is vulnerable. Let your skin rest for about 24 hours and then you can proceed with your regular skin-care routine.

If you are someone who is patient and consistent then at-home laser hair removal is definitely worth it! If you follow these tips above and read directions carefully then using an at-home laser machine should be a breeze. We trust brands like Tria, Kenzzi, and Exobeauty with all of our laser hair removal needs. Take some time to do your research on which machine is right for you before making that investment, but once you do, trust me it’s worth it!

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