How To Make Simple Changes To Your Life

How To Add More Excitement To Your Life
How To Add More Excitement To Your Life

With summer comes the positive vibes. The season and feelings of good nature go hand in hand. It may be something to do with the weather, but for most it’s a time of freedom. School’s out, people go on holiday and generally, life is just that little bit sweeter.

So it makes sense for you to give your life a little shake up around now. Most people wait until the end of the year is upon us. This is totally arbitrary – it’s like we are leaving behind the year that has gone before us, but we can do that at any time. After the slump of Christmas and the holiday season, we tend to feel more inclined to do something about the cycle that we have found ourselves in. But why not try and do something about it?

Get Out More

This isn’t necessarily about getting into shape, but more about seeing the world. There is so much to go out and do. If you stay inside your little bubble your whole life, full of the things that are safe and nice and lovely – what will you learn? Even going into a city nearby to experience some culture is a start. Stop sitting behind a computer screen and viewing the images through glass. Go and see them for yourself with your own eyes. Pick a place, anywhere, and make a plan to visit it.

Meet Friends, Old and New

Social media is taking over our lives, slowly but surely. What can feel like days or weeks since you last saw someone can turn out to be years – except you have seen them. Every day, Through a technological device. You’re updated on all of the highs of their life and few of the lows. Why not make an effort to get in touch and see how they’re really doing? Summer offers the chance to chill outside in the garden for hours on end, which is a much more relaxed environment than sitting inside. There’s a lot of inspiration that can be drawn from outside elements, and it’s the perfect excuse to sit and chat for as long as you need. Catch up on the highs. Go through the lows. Make plans to meet again. Ensure that you stick to them.

Want To Get Fit? Do It

Don’t wait until another milestone has gone past to do what you want to get started today. It’s all well and good thinking about what needs to be done, but until you actually do it, the thoughts aren’t going to motivate themselves. If you aren’t confident enough to exercise by yourself, pick a training buddy. Go with what feels comfortable to you. Set a goal but don’t expect to reach it straight away.

If you reach it sooner than you thought, then that’s all the better  – a perk, if you will – but not something that should be expected. If you’re doing it for weight loss, try doing it in collaboration with a product like Royal 21 King for better results. Document how you’re feeling on a daily basis and compare notes week to week. If you’re doing it to pass the time, keep going – it’ll only benefit you.

Want To Eat Healthier? Do That Too

There are so many warnings and different pieces of advice for almost every food imaginable out there. It changes week on week. Fruits have too many sugars. Vegetables have too many vitamins. Fats are good or bad, totally depending on the day of the week and whether the moon is full on a Tuesday. We need to pick what works for our body and stick with it. If you know that a certain food makes you feel bloated and sluggish, avoid it.

If you know that something is inherently bad for you, don’t eat it. Eat it in moderation, even if you love something but know it’s not the best. They are simple rules that too many of us don’t follow, but ones that make the most sense. Sticking to what you know in regards to food is the best thing to do. Cutting certain things out, such as food groups like carbs and fats, will help you to achieve what you want to quicker than you would think. The thing that will benefit you the most in your diet is drinking more water. Not enough of us drink the recommended amount. Water can aid concentration and help you focus. Do it more.

These simple tips will show you how to change it up and add a little excitement to your usual life routine. Remember, change is a sign of growth.


Jacqueline Maddison is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beverly Hills Magazine. She believes in shining light on the best of the best in life. She welcomes you into the world of the rich and famous with the ultimate luxury lifestyle.
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