How to Align TV Aerial Satellite

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Do you know with the installation of the TV aerial you can save lots of pounds or dollars? The question is how? Because I have heard that a TV aerial is very expensive, so how can you save money?

The answer is very clear: you can make the life long of the TV aerials with the proper care. If you only maintain the alignment of the tv aerial, you can use the tv aerial set up for long. The thing ringing in your mind is only alignment? It sounds easy, actually, it is not easy. In this article, you will learn more about the alignment of the tv aerial.

Moving the Aerial position

I’ll simply start by saying that aerial installation can be described as a black art. I don’t mean anything sinister with this, just that what works well in one area may not work in another. I have come across many situations where aerial signals can be drastically improved by moving the aerial fixation position a meter or two from the original fixation position. This means that what works for other properties in your area may not necessarily work for yours.

Of course, if your neighbour is getting a reliable TV signal, you probably expect it too. But don’t take it for granted. Sometimes I have installed a TV antenna/aerial on one side of a fireplace and found that it would only work on the other side of the same fireplace! When testing with my aerial alignment tool, I also had a TV aerial/antenna that doesn’t work in a fireplace but works well inside a mezzanine, which is inconsistent with good aerial installation practice. Hence the phrase “tv aerial installation is a black art!”

Before fixing the tv aerial/antenna in one position and trying to align it with the best TV transmitter in your area, I recommend that you do a signal test first to confirm it is a suitable position to fix your TV antenna, I use a HD spectrum Promax Ranger, but I appreciate that most people reading this blog will align their TV aerials/antennas on their own and that going out and spending a few thousand pounds on test equipment would defeat the goal of doing the alignment yourself, would be cheaper to call a TV antenna company. But whether it’s that regular or semi-regular, good alignment tools might only cost you a couple of hundred pounds, but could save you hours by aiming your antennas. For more universal remote codes check out Get your universal remote codes! 

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