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What Are The Side Effects Of Using CBD Oil

One of the things commonly championed about CBD oil is that it has very few side-effects. Even pure marijuana or cannabis is considered one of the safer drugs with a very low risk of overdose. But CBD oil is not the same thing it is much less potent which serves to reduce the risk of using it even further.

But will you be negatively affected if you use CBD oils during your everyday life? It’s a difficult question to answer because there is still a lot of further testing needed but while we do have evidence to support very few side-effects it’s important to note that everyone’s body and experience is going to be different.

You can always check out CDB guides online, but for now let’s look at what side-effects we do know about and see how they will affect you during your everyday life. (Image Credit: Medical News Today)

Dry Mouth

This is one of the side-effects of using CBD oils we do know about and it’s believed to be because of an interference with the glands that produce saliva. It’s annoying but hardly something that is exclusive to CBD oils as it’s a relatively common side-effect with a variety of medications and one that can be easily solved. Just drinking more water should solve the issue so it’s not going to have a huge impact on your everyday life. For more information on the best ways to use cbd oil, then check out sensei cbd oil online.


Like many side-effects, this one isn’t something that will affect everyone but there is evidence showing that some people can experience a small drop in blood pressure after using CBD oil. Which can in turn cause dizziness, thankfully this happens quite quickly after the CBD oil enters your system and simply sitting down and giving it a few minutes to pass should solve the problem. If you do have pre-existing issues with your blood pressure make sure you take those into account though.


CBD oils are believed to be an effective way to treat sleeping issues like insomnia so this side-effect can also be a benefit. And it should only affect you if you take a high enough dose, low dosages will help you relax but higher doses may make you feel very sleepy so make sure you are careful with how much you use and don’t take any higher dosages when you need to keep your focus.


Headaches are again a common side-effect you’ll see listed on numerous over the counter medications. And CBD oils are believed to actually help people deal with headaches and migraines however some people have reported an increase in them as well or the sudden onset of a headache after using CBD oils.

It is believed that this could be a problem with lower quality CBD oils which includes things like ethanol and isopropanol. Which can cause headaches so ensuring you’re using high-quality CBD oils could help prevent this side-effect.

So, that’s a look at some of the main side-effects of using CBD oils and thankfully they are very easy to manage and only a small number of cases have been reported so you should be fine to use CBD oils alongside your everyday life.

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