How To Live The Celebrity Yoga Life

How To Live The Celebrity Yoga Life

Yoga is considered to be a three-in-one healthy living workout, with multiple benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. Through controlled breathing and poses, yogis are able to relieve stress, tone their bodies, and manage stress related ailments like high blood pressure, insomnia, and depression.

The innumerable benefits of yoga life has helped this form of exercise gain notoriety in places all over the world. Even celebrities are getting in on the action, taking classes, sharing pictures of their favorite poses on social media, and inspiring us to get in touch with our innermost selves.

Curious to know if your favorite celebrity is among them? Check out our list of 5 popular celebrity yogis:

Keith Mitchell

When he was paralyzed for 6 months, Keith Mitchell used yoga to bring some semblance of normality back to his life. Once this difficult part of his life was over, the former NFL player started encouraging other football players to practice yoga in an effort to prevent injury and recover from challenging workouts.

Miley Cyrus

Anyone who keeps track of the celebrity world is fully aware of the challenges that Miley Cyrus has faced. But, what you may not know is that yoga has been instrumental in helping her become more in tune with herself. Her Instagram is still filled with outrageous selfies, but you can also see shots and videos of her Ashtanga yoga practice as well.


Yoga is one of the most dedicated yogis on this list. She’s been practicing (on and off) since 1996 and even put a Ashtanga yoga mantra on her Ray of Light Album.

Prince William

If you are in line to be the future king of England, it’s important that you stay injury free and grounded. Prince Williams keeps his future bright by performing yoga, as seen in many pics where he’s practicing Cat-Cow and other popular poses.

Victoria and David Beckham

What better way to reconnect and inspire more intimacy in your relationship than with partner yoga? Great relationships (like the Beckhams) are built on solid communication, a tool that comes in handy when using your partner’s body parts to maintain your center.

Celebrity Secrets for Picking the Right Yoga Wear

Every yogi (celebrity or otherwise) knows that when you are wearing the right yoga clothes, it’s easier to concentrate on your yoga practice. But, if you are just starting out, it can take a while to hone the yoga wear skill. Thankfully, there are some tips that can help boost your learning curve. For instance:

  • Yoga tops should not only be comfortable; they should provide modest coverage as well. Stretchable tank tops that hug the torso are a great option. But, tops with loose collars or necklines, can be particularly irritating when doing inversions.
  • Yoga pants conforming to your body shape (and with an elastic waist) are optimal. Avoid pants that are too loose because they can get in the way when doing your poses. Shorts should also be avoided because they tend to bunch up when in certain poses.

The above celebrities prove that yoga is key to leaving healthy living. But, it doesn’t matter if you are famous or not, yoga life holds benefits for all. And, when we practice yoga in our daily lives, we are able to inspire and empower others to live their best life as well. Namaste.

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