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Fitness Curves Are Here to Stay in 2020

We’re finally here! The times are evolving and welcoming different body styles into society almost as a celebration. (Image Credit: Bruce Mars/Unsplash)

If you want some tips about the best workout plan in 2020 and achieving a Kardashian curvy body, we found some tips to help.

Use a fitness app to squeeze in workouts

Getting to the gym or to an exercise class can take up extra time and energy during your day that you may not always have. A fitness app, such as 30 Day Fitness for example, can make easy to get in an effective ‘Slim Waist Workout’ and other tailored workouts so you can put in the work for those curves from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Maintain a good attitude even when it is hard

Getting in shape and focusing on health takes effort and there may be some times that you may not see progress as quickly as you want or feel a bit down. While it is important to give space for those feelings, do your best to maintain a good attitude even when it is hard! This will keep you moving forward to attain your goals and improve your health. Your curves will show for it!


Exercise is a wonderful way to reduce stress, increase flexibility, improve deep breathing techniques, and really learn and get in tune with your body. You can try running, spin class, swimming, or all kinds of sports.

Avoid processed foods, or at least highly processed foods

Think of food as fuel and nourishment for your body and chances are you’ll still to unprocessed foods naturally! When you grocery shop, stick to the outer rim of the supermarket as this is where the fresh produce and meats, etc. are, and/or stick to mainly shopping at the farmer’s market.

Eat lots of healthy fats

Healthy fats help to balance your hormones and this is an important part of your nutrition as you work on your health and on your figure. Examples include: avocados, olive oil, nuts and seeds.

Give your body time and take care of it

When you are patient and kind to your body, you’ll see more of the results that you want. So take care of it and show it some love.

Drink a lot of water to flush cellulite and promote health

Proper hydration is key to good health. The standard is eight 8-ounce glasses per day, but it is important to factor in your body weight and lifestyle as well. Remember that things such as caffeine and alcohol are dehydrating, and that you can also boost your hydration by consuming water-based fruits and vegetables. This is one of the top tips to flush cellulite, too!

Hourglass figures have been in fashion for many years, and these fitness curves celebration will continue into 2020 thanks to celebrities in Hollywood. Just remember to embrace your individual and unique body type…your curves will be different than the next person’s so you want to remember to appreciate what your gorgeous body can do!

Jacqueline Maddison

Jacqueline Maddison

Jacqueline Maddison is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beverly Hills Magazine. She believes in shining light on the best of the best in life. She welcomes you into the world of the rich and famous with the ultimate luxury lifestyle.


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