Health Benefits of Eating A Vegan Diet

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Thinking of going vegan? Well, you are not alone. Based on a study published by the Vegetarian Times, a record 7.3 million Americans lead a vegan diet lifestyle, which accounts for about 3% of the population. Moreover, the study indicates that this number will rise in the coming years. (Image Credit: silviarita/Pixabay)

With more people turning towards a vegan-based lifestyle, its benefits to our lives has never been more evident. There are various reasons why people turn to a vegan diet.

For some, it’s their deep care for animals and the environment, others it’s health reasons and yet to others, its peer pressure.

Regardless of your reasons, a vegan diet may be just what you need to bring your body back on track. Below, we look at a few health benefits of eating a vegan diet.

Vegan diets are rich in nutrients

When you decide to cut down your meat and animal protein intake for a vegan diet, something amazing happens to your body. It becomes more active, vibrant and attractive. This is because vegan diets contain higher amounts of fiber, and lower cholesterol levels.

When taken in the right way, a balanced healthy vegan meal provides your body with most of the nutrients it requires for normal functioning.

As a matter of fact, several studies have shown that vegan-diet consumers consume vast amounts of antioxidants, fiber, potassium, magnesium and vitamins A, C and E among other plant nutrient compounds.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that as far as eating vegan diets is concerned, poor eating habits are considered as unhealthy.

It can help reduce excess weight

That’s right. Recent studies have shown that people taking vegan diets tend to have lower BMI (Body Mass Index) levels, compared to their meat-eating counterparts. It’s, therefore, no surprise that most people are today turning towards vegan meals in hope to cut down some fat.

Vegan diets contain fewer calories and are, by nature, nutrient-packed meals. As such, they make cutting down weight much easier.

It reduces your risk of diseases

This is arguably the most significant benefit of going vegan. Scientists have concluded that vegan meals reduce your chances of contracting lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.

The presence of phytonutrients in fruits, vegetables and fibers, gives vegans a significant health boost over non-vegans. Vegan meals may protect you from various types of cancer, lower your blood sugars, improve your kidney functions and lower your risk of cardiovascular ailments.

Additionally, the diet has a smooth, glowing effect on your skin.

Vegan diets reduce arthritis pain

For most old folks, arthritis pain is an order of their day. To date, there’s still no cure for this agonizing disease, but rather, several treatment programs to help relieve the pain.

Luckily, studies have shown that taking on vegan diets can help reduce arthritis symptoms and subsequently, minimize the pain. A reason for this could be that plant-based diets contain micronutrients with anti-inflammatory properties that keep the inflammation levels on the low.

It’s by the same token that some experts believe that vegan diets have a similar effect on the period pains in women.

Final thoughts

Vegan diets are a haven for nutrition; that’s no secret. As such, deciding to eat vegan may be your first step to improving your health, not only physical, but also mental. The benefits above are but a few of what you stand to gain by opting for vegan diets.

However, the choice is yours. Will you go vegan?

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