Great Tips For An Awesome Gaming Experience

Great Tips For An Awesome Gaming Experience #gaming #gaming session

Gaming comes in many different forms, from video games that promote solo and party experiences to the competitive and cooperative card and board games. It is easy to share in experiences and find what gaming platform is right for you no matter your preference. And when you establish your preferred gaming outlet, there are even more ways to enhance your experience by making your game sessions unique or simply last longer, keeping you engaged and wanting to return to the hobby again and again. Here are some tips that will help create a better experience for any gamer. (Image Credit: JESHOOTS.COM /Unsplash)

Stay Organized and Clean

One of the best ways to improve your gaming experience is through a little bit of organization and cleanliness. Get away from the stigma of the messy gamer. A clean area means a better play experience not only for yourself but for others around you. Whether you are playing card and board games, or video games, organization goes a long way when it comes to improving your gaming sessions. You don’t want to be tripping over the cords or the junk around you and you definitely don’t want any food or drink around your play area. Spilled drinks or crumbs are terrible for your cards, boards, and controllers. 

Do yourself a favor and invest a bit in some organization storage spaces or some MTG mats for your cards. These will enhance your experience and ensure that your play area is clean and organized, and also ensure you don’t ruin your accessories with unwanted residue. They provide a smooth surface that allows you to easily grab your cards without damaging the corners as well. Playmats for card games are especially convenient to take on the go as they allow you to ensure that your surface area is always clean no matter where you play.

Add personality

For any gaming space, remember that you aren’t at your local games shop or internet cafe. You should definitely take some time to personalize your areas with your own taste. This will enhance any gaming session you have locally or even for your own state of mind. Just remember that when decorating or personalizing your areas, to not clutter it up with too much. Make sure you keep your focus on the game. Additionally, you can take the personalization and customization to another level with your accessories as well, customizing different game boards, mats, controllers, keyboards, mousepads, headsets, etc. Whatever your preference, let your imagination loose.


Lighting is very important when it comes to gaming. This doesn’t necessarily mean or reference colored lighting, although you can make that decision if you want to. This is more in reference to ensuring that your rooms are well lit. Long gaming sessions can be cut short due to eye strain and fatigue, especially in poorly lit spaces. If you want to prolong your game nights, more light will help alleviate the glare from screens, as well at times that require reading or focusing. This should ensure that you cut down on the excuses to end games early in some heated sessions.

Comfort is King

Another important factor when it comes to a gaming experience is your own personal comfort, as well as the comfort of your other gamers. You want to ensure that seating is ample and comfortable, as this will not only translate to your gaming session but also well past it. Bad chairs or furniture can contribute to immediate pain and discomfort that would put a pause on your current game, but also risk lasting longer. Do yourself a favor and ensure that your space is tailored to cater to long gaming sessions. 

Stretch and Exercise

This is something that will often slip the mind of many gamers, but it is important to try and remember to stretch, move, and sometimes exercise between or even in the middle of game sessions. Gaming often puts players in the same seated position for hours on end. If you are not careful, this can have long term detrimental effects on your body. It is good practice to stretch or take a walk from time to time during your sessions to ensure you get movement in your blood flow and muscles. Simple exercises before or after can help deter injuries, strains, and problems that might arise later on. This will translate positively outside your games as well.

There are a variety of ways to enhance your gaming sessions, from decorative and personalization to encouraging a more healthy and balanced lifestyle that still heavily incorporates your hobby and passion. Taking into consideration a few of these tips will help you enjoy your games a little bit more and hopefully keep you in the game in the long run.

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