Forever Young- Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Forever Young- Celebrity Beauty Secrets
Forever Young- Celebrity Beauty Secrets

When you see some celebrities on the red carpet, it can seem like they never age. How is it possible that beautiful men and women in the 50’s and over, still look as good as when they were 20? Well, while some of the are blessed with good genes, some of the others may have had a little help. Keep reading to find out how celebrities seem to stay forever young with these celebrity beauty secrets . (Image by Flickr)

Investing In Their Face and Body

One of the ways that stars can keep so gorgeous is because they spend a lot of time and money on keeping themselves in tip top condition.

It is easier for our celebrity counterparts to keep their smile white because they have the money for extensive dental work. Celine Dion is a good example of this. Check out the difference between the beginning of her career and now.

Kate Winslet swears by regular facials to keep her skin looking taut and young. While a star who shall remain nameless, spent $20,000 on hair styling, just for a red carpet do! I’ll admit that’s excessive. Remember that celebrities often have a team, of people looking after their appearance. It is literally their job to make them look good. It is no wonder that sometimes we just can’t compare. So don’t!  We are all naturally beautifull in our own unique way.

Forever Young- Celebrity Beauty Secrets

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Of course, it’s important to keep trim and fit for most people involved in celebrity culture too. So much so that exercise can be less of a hobby for them and more of a way of life. It is not unheard of for celebs to train 6 hours a day before making a moving or to shed baby weight in a ridiculously short amount of time.

Unfortunately, this can set some seriously demanding expectations for the rest of us. Remember it’s a lot easier to lose that weight and get in shape if you are being paid vast sums for doing so. Having a personal trainer on call at all times doesn’t hurt either! Also, drink lots of water!!! The key to that everlasting youthful really is hydration. So make water your new best friend!

Cosmetic Treatments

While exercise works wonders for a lot of famous people, some don’t draw the line there. That’s right whether they admit it or not, a lot of movie and TV stars have plastic surgery to enhance their beauty and slow the aging process.

Popular treatments include lip fillers, which are injections that plump the lips up, but sometimes can end up looking worse, so beware of the filler phase. Liposuction is also common with the Hollywood crowd as it allows them to keep their svelte physiques. Facelifts are also pretty standard for actors and actresses over a certain age. Although the result doesn’t seem to be too standard at all. Some can look natural as anything, while others can leave the celebrity looking nothing like their former self at all. Makes you wonder if it’s worse the risk at all. Hey, what’s so bad about aging after all? It happens to us all! Embrace it 🙂

Forever Young- Celebrity Beauty Secrets


Of course, diet is a massive part of how celebrities take care of themselves. Now thanks to reality TV stars it is easier to see what a typical day’s meals would look like.

Most celebrities are in awesome shape and have great figures. Have ever wondered how they keep their svelte physiques? The constant salads that they admittedly eat at every meal time should help to answer your question!

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