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Beige Corduroy Style For Men

Men can feel in style yet cozy in this combination of plaid and corduroy. The enduring staple of the corduroy fabric makes it a great pick for chilly days or nights. You can even wear it in the spring before it really heats up. These new styles are beige, allowing for the ultimate versatility.

First, start with a long sleeved top. It fits just right and the cotton will keep you warm, yet cool. Look for this basic in a fashion blog or a style magazine.

Alternatively, you can go with a plaid long sleeved shirt. The trend of plaid dress shirts has been explosive in the fashion world. You will definitely find one to shop for in the latest fashion blog.

Next, shop for the beige corduroy pants. This is the part of the outfit that really makes it the ultimate in comfort. You can find this look in a style magazine and then go about shopping for it online or in a physical store. The style will make you wish that you could wear these slacks every day.

Then, you need the right pair of shoes. The suede loafers go with the theme of soothing fabrics. The fashion world has plenty of this style of shoe in any style magazine. When you shop, try on a few different makes to find your ultimate cozy fit.

Additionally, a leather tie up dress shoe makes for a great pick. Clothes always look sharper with a quality pair of shoes. A man should always have beige leather shoes in one’s collection. When you are shopping, make sure you pick up some protectant for your investment.



Justine Klettke

Justine Klettke

Justine Klettke has spent years writing for clients across the globe since graduating with a BA in Communication Studies. She enjoys using her skills to highlight the best quality services and goods. As an avid fan of the arts, Justine feels writing for Beverly Hills Magazine is a perfect fit.


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