Classy Black and White Style

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There is only one color combination that remains classy no matter the season when it comes to color choice. The black and white combo! This contrasting combination is a classy, timeless trend that gives you the desired look no matter the event. You can try this color combo for evening looks, casual outings, parties, and even gym outfits. Today, at Beverly Hills magazine, we will recommend a classy black and white style that will give you confidence and inspiration anywhere you decide to go.

Layered Black Shirt with Ruffles

Let’s look at the real classy black shirt with shoulder ruffles. It will be a great plus to your closet. Not only is it a good fit, but with its elegant look, the shirt makes you look chic for any event, whether professional, casual, or intimate. The black layered shirt promises unmatched perfect looks for times when you are not sure of what to wear and a pleasant time wherever you decide to use it.

Black and White Print Pants

Pair the chic top with these cute print pants suitable for any occasion. School, work, date, outdoor, street, sports, it’s practically daily life wear and easy to match with. The pants are fitted, trendy, and go with the whole look. Whatever color of lipstick you decide to wear, these classy print pants can never look ugly!

White Bag

What other accessory can you imagine looking so perfect with this look? Of course, you can look cute in the layered black shirt and print pants, but why not pair the outfit with this bag to look stunning. It is edgy, simple, and stylish. So, get the bag to go with your outfit and totally chic no matter what.

Black and White Pointed Pumps

To complete this look, go for classy, pointed pumps that stand out. These simple white and black pumps give a bold statement and add to the professional and casual element of the look. You can’t go wrong with this look. It’s the perfect edgy and chic look that will leave others inspired as you walk by.

Go for this outfit and work on this look the next time you step out. Black and white never go out of trend, but this is an even classier way to combine both colors. Try it and find out how chic this is!



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