Celebrities Who Love Their Motorbikes

Celebrities Who Love Their Motorbikes Like Tom Cruise
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With the launch of Top Gun 2 now delayed until June 2020, movie fans have a little longer to wait for a recreation of Maverick’s iconic scene, racing a jet on his trusty Kawasaki motorcycle. In real life, Tom Cruise is an avid bike fan, owning an impressive collection from classics to modern feats of engineering. While Tom might be classed a something of a super-fan, there are many other celebrities who appreciate the beauty of bikes.(Image Credit: Dave Allocca/ – Flickr)

Girl power

Music superstar Pink is perhaps one of the most famous women to enjoy motorbikes, famously proposing to her then-boyfriend Carey Hart at a motorcross event and counting a Hinckley Triumph T100 Bonneville among her personal collection. Other female celebrity bikers include Angelina Jolie, Alanis Morisette, and Megan Fox. The latter had the opportunity during Transformers filming to get to grips with an Aprilia, known for its unmistakable Italian design and for being one of the first motorbike brands to embrace automatic transmission, although Honda is another notable leader in this field. If there’s any truth in the concept that women prefer automatics for ease of use, don’t tell Cher; she’s a huge classic Harley Davidson fan and prefers her bikes the old fashioned way.

Keeping it classic

Speaking of old fashioned, Brad Pitt hit the headlines a few years ago when he purchased a World War II motorbike for nearly $400K. Said to have been used for Nazi reconnaissance missions, there are rumored to be only 500 models left in the world. Fellow fans of these types of  vintage motorcycle models are Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor and John Travolta, who has been riding since he was 18.

Power play

From old school to high tech, many celebrities have opted for power when it comes to their bike of choice. While Tom Cruise may boast some of the most high performance bikes in the world among his collection, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Bollywood icon Salman Khan, and David Beckham are also fans of powerful bikes. Whether it’s Harleys, Yamahas or Suzukis, these men love getting out on the open road and making a power play with some of the most powerful motorcycles on the market.

Bespoke bikes

For some celebrities, the fun is in the customization. George Clooney owns an impressive array of motorbikes, many of which are Harleys.  Perhaps his most famous bike is his customized Bonneville, with leather studded panniers, yellow cam covers and a racing seat hump.  Keanu Reeves took his appreciation of customization one step further, launching a custom bike shop, Arch Motorcycle Company, and even creating his own designs.

For many celebrities, motorbikes offer the perfect opportunity to escape the crowds and unwind. For mega-fans such as Tom Cruise or Jay Leno, they are also a chance to curate and appreciate some of the best in the world, while others such as Keanu Reeves or George Clooney use them to express their creativity and individuality.  One thing they can all agree on is that a great bike is a thing of beauty.

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