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Supercar Concept: The Salaff C2

Salaff C2 is one of the latest supercar models from not so popular manufactures. However, the man behind the design, Mr. Carlos Salaff, was the one who brought you the stunning Mazda Furai concept.

He graduated from the Californian’s Art Centre College of Design, then joined Mazda. He worked with the brand until 2013 before leaving to start his own company. On his new venture, he still focused on his passion for design and coachbuilding

The first debut for the luxury car was in Monterey, California. Later, Salaff presented the dream concept at Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance. He disclosed the inspiration behind the exterior and cabin designing of Salaff C2. He quotes classic fast cars like the Ferrari 330 P4, Peugeot 905, and Porsche 917 as the source. 

Supercar Concept: The Salaff C2 #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #carmagazine #popularcarmagazine #cars #fastcars #luxurycars #vintagecars #supercars #sportscars #dreamcars #coolcars #poshcars #salaffc2 #salaff #salaffcoachbuilding

What’s Beneath Supercar Salaff C2

Detailed information on engine output and performance remains scarce. Even so, the building process begins once a customer supplies their registered Gallardo. Carlos and his team do restoration and performance enhancements. After this, the Salaff C2 body creation and interior designing begin.

Salaff specializes in coach building, and hence the reason C2 comes underpinned with a borrowed chassis. Carlos picks a proven vintage fast car, the Lamborghini Gallardo. One of the last analogue supercars renowned for having a naturally aspirated V10 engine.

Today’s mindset dictates a supercar must have a quick paddle shifting system and computerized helpers. Though it makes sense for track competition, C2 offers an intuitive driving experience full of pure joy. 

Interior and Exterior of Supercar Salaff C2

The images taken at the launch event show a two-seater cockpit, full of unique features. Visible ones are the robust toggle switches, machined aluminum details, and durable leathers. 

The inspiration behind C2 may be from yesteryear models, but it has no close resemblance to the vintage cars or Gallardo. Yet, the cool car is a head-turner because of the future-oriented designs.

The front part displays a square fascia with long triangular headlights, stretching to the body edges. Also, they incorporated a gaping-wide grille as part of the front configuration. 

Likewise, the sides are worth more than a glance. The bodyworks are stunning, especially the spaceship-like wing mirrors and black wheels. Moreover, the air intakes, together with outlets, funnel air through and around the car. 

The rear remains one sight to behold, as the luxury car comes with one body piece, which has a full-width taillight. Besides, the cool car has two exhaust outlets and a hexagonal-shaped engine cover. 

Supercar Concept: The Salaff C2 #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #carmagazine #popularcarmagazine #cars #fastcars #luxurycars #vintagecars #supercars #sportscars #dreamcars #coolcars #poshcars #salaffc2 #salaff #salaffcoachbuilding

Buying Price

Those interested in buying C2 will have to contact Salaff for pricing details.

Last Take

Perhaps you are asking why they named Gallardo project C2 and not C1. Well, Salaff C2 is the second model, after a three-seater C1, which features a central driver.

Salaff will offer C2 in two bodywork options, either in bespoke aluminum or carbon fiber, depending on what a client wants. 

Salaff C2 is one of those cool cars designed for drivers who value the feeling of a gated shifter, throttle of V10 power, and the rear-wheel drive. 

(Images Courtesy of Beautiful Life)

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