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Newest SUV: The Aston Martin DBX

Automakers have been taking notes and analyzing the market wave. The current trend seems to favor SUVs. It’s growing so fast that even fast car manufacturers like Lamborghini are joining the bandwagon. In fact, they recently released their first SUV model, the Lamborghini Urus.

Aston Martin is looking forward to joining the SUV fray, where they will face off with brands like Bentley and BMW. They, too, want a pie of this emerging market. They are offering what they call DBX, a sporty SUV. The model will be the first-ever since the brand began operation 106-years ago.

Some car magazines are skeptical about DBX chances. Apparently, the timing is wrong, and maybe it’s too late for the SUV to join the party. However, they don’t know; DBX has the potential to succeed and even surpass the set benchmark.

Newest SUV: The Aston Martin DBX #astonmartin, #dbx #astonmartindbx #astonmartinsuv #suv #crossover #luxurycars #fastcars #coolcars #carmagazines #popularcarmagazine #cars #dreamcar #2021suv

DBX Engine Power and Performance

The power beneath DBX comes from Mercedes-AMG. It’s a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 like the one in DB11 and Vantage. The sourced engine releases 542 hp and 516 pounds of torque. Above all, it pairs well with the nine-speed automatic transmission from Mercedes-AMG.

Like most fast cars, DBX rides on a rear-wheel-drive; hence, all the torque goes to all four wheels through an all-wheel-drive system. The powertrain consists of features such as active center-differential and rear e-diff. Further, the SUV uses triple chamber air suspension springs together with active anti-rolls. It also rides on 22-inch wheels like other popular cool cars.

DBX looks pretty and perhaps more beautiful than most luxury cars. Besides, the SUV can haul a total of 5940 pounds. For off-road enhancement, it comes with adjustable ride height and descend-control features. What about speed? It only needs 4.3 seconds to cover 60 mph at a top speed of 181 mph.

Interior and Exterior Styling of Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin preyed on its experience with luxury cars and used that to create a vast cabin for DBX. The automaker claims the SUV has better legroom for both front and rear seats. Moreover, Aston designed the steering and driver’s seat to be compatible with a wide range of adjustability.

The interior of DBX comes with the right materials like leather, faux-suede, wood, and metal. Notably, on the dashboard is a 10.25-inch screen that is dial-controlled from the center console. Another significant inclusion is the 12.3-inch driver display cluster from partners, Daimler AG.

On styling, the SUV shares similarities with other Aston Martin cars. For example, the one-piece tail light bar is like that of Vantage. The front end also resembles the DBS Superleggera. However, it has body lines that make it unique.

Newest SUV: The Aston Martin DBX #astonmartin, #dbx #astonmartindbx #astonmartinsuv #suv #crossover #luxurycars #fastcars #coolcars #carmagazines #popularcarmagazine #cars #dreamcar #2021suv

The Price Tag for DBX

The SUV costs $189,900. It’s worth every penny

Last Take

Overall, Aston Martin did an excellent job with DBX, and indeed, the luxury SUV will destabilize the market. The fast car brand appears to have got every aspect well. Considering DBX is their first SUV, kudos to them.

For those looking for an SUV that’s comfortable, ready for all roads and weathers, Aston Martin DBX is the model for you.

Newest SUV: The Aston Martin DBX #astonmartin, #dbx #astonmartindbx #astonmartinsuv #suv #crossover #luxurycars #fastcars #coolcars #carmagazines #popularcarmagazine #cars #dreamcar #2021suv

(Images Courtesy of AstonMartin)

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