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Large Cabin Business Jet: The Bombardier Global Express

If you are looking for a private jet that flies farther, spacious, and meets all safety requirements, go for Bombardier Global Express. The plane sets the bar on performance standards such as range, speed, and comfort. 

The Global Express is a jumbo business jet, designed and manufactured by Bombardier Aviation. It was the first among four new jet models built to compete in the large-cabin market. 

Likewise, the private jet shares some fuselage cross-section aspects with jets like Canadair Regional and Challenger 600. But Global Express features new supercritical wings capable of full 35-degrees, plus winglet and T-tail.

The first announcement of Global Express dates back to October 1991 at the annual event of NBAA. Later, in December 1993, it launched but took three years for the first flight to actualize. In 1998 it received both Canadian and US certification. 

Business Jet: The Bombardier Global Express #privatejet #jets #jetcharter #luxuryjet #businessjet #bombardieraviation #bombardierglobalexpress #globalexpress #jumbojet #largecabinjet #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

The Performance Highlight of Bombardier Global Express

Bombardier uses two BMW/Rolls-Royce BR710s engines. The turbofans offer a thrusting output of 14,470 lb or 65.6kN at take-off. Similarly, the plane flies at a range of 11,130, and the maximum flight altitude is 51,000 ft. 

The engines are rear-mounted and have two petal thrust reversers. They are built by the International Nacelle System and controlled by FADEC. It has a tricycle landing gear from Messier Dowty International, which operates hydraulically. Each unit has twin wheels and carbon brakes.

The maximum cruising speed for Global Express stands at 935 km/h, and standard cruise speed is about 904 km/h while the long-range speed is 850 km/h. Whereas the endurance time of the aircraft is 14 hours and landing distance is 814m. However, it needs a balanced runway with a minimum turning radius of 20.75m. 

Inside the Flight Deck and Cabin

The flight deck comes packed with an array of the latest high-tech technology, which aids the pilot in situational awareness and boosts the safety of the plane. They include an electronic flight information system, dual Rockwell Collins digital radio altimeter. Others are artificial horizon, heading indicators, standby airspeed altimeters. 

The cabin of Global Express is the pure definition of a luxury jet. It offers maximum comfort during flights. Besides, the interior layout includes an office stateroom arranged in the conference style. At the rear end, you find an accessible baggage compartment. 

The cabin layout can fit 8 to 19 passengers. It also boasts of large furnished chairs with soft leather. Whereas, the aft-cabin has two captain chairs, built for ultimate comfort.

Business Jet: The Bombardier Global Express #privatejet #jets #jetcharter #luxuryjet #businessjet #bombardieraviation #bombardierglobalexpress #globalexpress #jumbojet #largecabinjet #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Market Price

Global Express is a business and a luxury jet that comes with many capabilities. Words alone can not merit this large-cabin plane, but maybe the price would. The listed selling price on sites like James Edition equals US$10 million.

Last Word

From the moment you board this luxury jet, you’ll notice awesomeness. Beginning with the spacious cabin, controls on every seat to other great features. Like the satellite phone, a high-end entertainment system, and a WIFI internet service.

Whether going for a business or leisure trip, the Global Express offers more than you need. The cabins are flexible and stylish to provide a fantastic atmosphere. Also, it comes with 27 large windows that fill the cabin with natural light and a 100% fresh air system. The low cabin altitude helps reduce fatigue and optimizes relaxation on long flights.

Business Jet: The Bombardier Global Express #privatejet #jets #jetcharter #luxuryjet #businessjet #bombardieraviation #bombardierglobalexpress #globalexpress #jumbojet #largecabinjet #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

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