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Tips For What To Put On A Business Card

Is the business card dead? The answer is no. Absolutely not. Your business card is the first impression you give people of your business, product or services.  The trend of business cards is actually quite old. It dates back to the 17th century when European merchants found the need of knowing each other in order to grow their trade. So, to exchange their information with ease, they invented business cards and since then, these cards have become an important feature of any business entity or personnel. In this digital era, the importance of business cards is found to be increasing because of high competition in every field.  (Image Credit: Michal Jarmoluk/ from Pixabay)

 This is why a business card should be impressive and eye-catching, as it is an emblem of your personality and it also helps in gaining customers. Therefore, following are the characteristics a business card must have on it to represent your business’s reliability and value business cards are still important.

Name and Contact Information

Whether you are working for an organization or own one, it is vital to have your own business card with your complete name. It is a common feature but has great importance because it is the first step of introduction of you and your business to other people. After your name, the next essential part of your business card is your contact information. Your business card must have your business’s complete address, an active contact number and email address. Make sure that all the information is correct. Any bogus or inactive information may lead to loss of clients.


A logo is a symbol, text or design that makes your business look distinctive from your competitors. Good business cards always have a business logo on them and this is why an excellent logo is a need of every organization. If your organization lacks this feature, then make sure you get it right away. There are several digital marketing agencies, which offer logo designing services, such as Mandreel. Once you are done and satisfied with your logo design, then it is time for its placement on your business card. As business card has limited space, it is essential to set your logo in such a position where it is entirely visible and also takes a fewer space.

Colorful Design and Printing

The digital age adores colors. The time has gone when business cards were mostly in black and white combination. A colorful business card is attractive; in fact, there is an entire study on color psychology that signifies the importance of using different colors for business purpose. However, many people complain that the colors they see on the digital design of their business card are different after printing. Therefore, it is important to consult a renowned printing press like Kiasuprint to get 100% similar results.

White Space

Despite having a colorful and thick printing paper for your business card, it is also necessary to have white empty, especially on the back of your card. This white area on your card helps in manual addition of any important information, location or reference in case of any need.

Images and Promo Lines

In order to make appealing business cards, it is essential to add relevant images with engaging promo lines on it. But it doesn’t mean to include a series of images or else there won’t be much space left for other features. Promo lines should be typographically accurate with a clear message. A touch of humor in such messages is also popular, but make sure the message is not misinterpreted.

Jacqueline Maddison

Jacqueline Maddison

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